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  1. may be you didn't try "uninstalling" the font.. delete "C:\WINDOWS\fonts\VRC.ttf" and install VRC again
  2. Paul: please be reminded that our timezone is exactly the opposite of most users in the VATSIM. So Francis would most probably get traffic during his uptime.
  3. have the same problem about 3 changes i guess: did you lock / unlock the voxatis.dat file appropriately? config: 2.8GC 1 GB ram winxp trad sp2 admin account
  4. michal: i believe there are ways to add FIR border lines to the google maps (using API, may be) see if this is possible
  5. the resolution is the reason the more pixels you have, the more calculations are required.
  6. just noticed that the forum names were changed to HACKED!! what happened!?
  7. agree with starter michal i believe you were trying to make the installation process simplier and easier but i can say it didn't. i have spent almost 2 days to figure out how to install the program will be more successful if there is a standalone installer
  8. Here you are .. Though it only contains minimal data, i hope you find it useful. Download here: http://fs2.microtony.com/Nepal.sct
  9. i think there is much room to make the submission easier...
  10. also the program is not accepting SID/STAR procedures the inclusion of the procedures will make pilots life easier a lot i think you may simply ignore the first and the last input i also suggest you accept flight level markers like /N0570F390
  11. it would be good if SID transitions (e.g. V2, V3, V4 and V5 transitions of OCEAN2A of VHHH) can also be added to the routes also, it would be good if you can create another function which let users add waypoints?
  12. i can't install as well, IE just open the http://vroute.net/download/vroute.info.application as a XML file as a programmer i suggest you try the NSIS (installation system).
  13. did you scroll your scope when you are saying? moving around consumes computing power and eventually VRC will not have enough computing power to capture your voice. My experience. I tested it with VRC and Roger wilco
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