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  1. One of the most humble and experienced members on the network. Congrats on the new position Michael!
  2. Matthew, Several ARTCCs in VATUSA also hold their own events every year, such as ZBW's Boston Tea Party. These local events can be a lot of fun. Check your ARTCC's forums or ask the staff if there is anything happening.
  3. Kyle, I understand your point and wouldn't argue against it. However, from your position, I'm sure you see the point Ian is making. I felt the exact same way which is why I did not sign up for the newsletter. I wanted to, but I couldn't do it. I wouldn't be doing the members of VATSIM any favors if I didn't stop to think twice about entering in my p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word to a VATUSA web form.
  4. Hey Stephen, I'm in your neighborhood and would be interested if anything materialized. At one point in time, some folks from my VA were planning on getting together for a similar, meet and greet, non-VA sanctioned outing, but it never got organized. It's always fun to meet fellow simmers or ATC'ers... and I haven't been to a virtual ATC conference since the first SATCO convention in Kansas City back in '99. TRB I remember the last KC gathering well. That steakhouse was great Hard to believe VATSIM was just rolling out during that time.
  5. That would be awesome John. Something for VATUSA to sure think about. I don't know what will be the outcome for 2007, but Atlanta is a fun city with plenty of hotels and things to do.
  6. Only thing I've heard is the city like Ryan said. I'm sure in the coming fall/winter the planning will get underway. I'll be looking forward to it (and might try to help being that I live here in Atlanta).
  7. Huge congrats to you RG!! Wish you all the best for the future dude. Don't be stranger around here either
  8. Just to set the record straight in Dennis' defense, the very first thing I saw him tell me as a member of VATUSA was something about setting up a roster of controllers to help with events. Independent of the boards and this thread, but nevertheless the FIRST thing I saw him send out to the division.
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