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  1. Gday Richard. Since you posted in the Australia forum, I'd [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume you want to fly here! On most nights, either ML-SNO_CTR or ML-BIK_CTR will be online, and they generally cover Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. Canberra would be a great place to practice with ATC, yet still stay out of the way. You can always visit the VATPACwebsite, join the forums and ask for ATC, most times they will help you out.
  2. You do not need AVC Tuner, the Voice Program is built into SB3/FSInn 1.7
  3. While I think that being a certain rank enables you to control a certain position is a good thing, what happens to international locations? Can a US controller log in as Sydney Tower without knowing a thing about Australian ATC? Can a Controller Certified in the UK control in Canada? What are the limits to a Tower Certification? An Approach Certification? Again, I think it would be best to move this to the General Discussion Forum.
  4. You can still connect to VATSIM with FS9 and Squawkbox if you can't understand FSInn.
  5. You mean a sort of VRoute Gauge? If so that'd be awesome.
  6. I think the main difference that people are struggling with is the map is not as easy to use as in ServInfo. For Example, CZEG FIR has most of its traffic near the US-Canadian border. But when you view the FIR in the map, you end up seeing half of Canada. Same with many of the Oceanic Sectors. Would it be easier to allow zooming in and out within that FIR view? Could Vroute load only the geography for an FIR? So as I can soom in on New York, But can only zoom out to the size of the FIR?
  7. KMCI is the ICAO for Kansas City from Memory.
  8. Perhaps the link would lead you to some 1500 hours online, leading me to believe he has some level of 'attachment' to this network.
  9. I trust Michal, and I also cannot see Vroute as being 'required' software by VATSIM.
  10. My Computer is fairly full in terms of disk space, and I haven't noticed any major delays in loading.
  11. Ok! I am aware of the two FIR's, I just had observed that the map view only seemed to recognised BIK. No worries though. And another easy idea with the server, makes it much better than the trillion ServInfo updates. Thanks!
  12. I hate to add to the list of posts that you must be bombarded with, but there is one or two things wrong with Australia Airspace. One quick one, Sydney is in YMMM. Secondly, I've Logged on as ML-SNO_CTR and BN-DOS_CTR, and my callsigns weren't recognised as Melbourne Centre and Brisbane Centre. Its no big issue, it just becomes a bit annoying when I try and book a session. To help, here is the list of Melbourne and Brisbane Centre Callsigns. YMMM ML-SNO_CTR - 125.200 ML-BIK_CTR - 125.000 ML-CAN_CTR - 128.500 ML-TAS_CTR - 123.800 ML-NUL_CTR - 132.900 ML-KLG_CTR - 134.300 ML-PIL_CTR - 134.000
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