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  1. If you've had the problem I've had, try looking at what sound driver you are currently using. If both are on "Wave" for example, you need to change one to another sound driver. Go into VRC, then settings, then Audio devices, and change all of the settings to Direct Sound (this is for me, you may have a different sound drivier). Now this makes Teamspeak use Wave, and VRC Direct Sound. I a problem when first controlinmg, where the sound would come in and out when someone was transmitting to me. I don't know if that's your problem, but it worked for me.
  2. What joystick or other input device(other than a keyboard) do you own? I have a Logitech Freedom 2.4GHz Cordless.
  3. Rexaxing the restrictions would help out alot of FIRs and ARTCCs
  4. One thing I have....from being a controller at ZOA. I wish you would have gotton ZOA more involved in the event. What I mean is that you guys didn't include many routes to sign up for for NORCAL, and if there were any, they were to SOCAL. The "CAL" in SO"CAL" is also part of NOR"CAL" (---"CAL"Scream). And I know the higher ups at ZOA have talked to you guys about it, but hey I just wanted to put my 2 cents in about it. I was pretty dissapointed to see that most of the sign-ups for the pilots were mostly SOCAL. I just wanted to add that. We can get it next time though......its not the end of
  5. 10 hours.......countdown.... i just hope u guys down at ZLA take all the traffic lol
  6. Go 'US' I was contoling SFO_TWR at the time of that pic
  7. I dont know if this has been asked yet(sorry if it has) but is there any date for the release of the new version of VRC?
  8. i usually just plug in the waypoints of the jetways into the FS9 GPS(including the SIDS and STARS of airports), works fine for me
  9. Woo Look there i am! lol *points at list* thanks James and David
  10. thanks, i really appreciate it, as i bet everyone else on the list
  11. I never saw a Graduating list for November...... I feel left out.......as i would think a few others What happened?
  12. I never saw the November Grads listed......I graduated at the very end of November....
  13. i have the same prob on TS when im also controling......what the hell is going on?
  14. I have the same problem when on TS....thoguh it seams no one else does.....just even if im connected to the ts....weird
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