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  1. Is there any update on this project now that we have ES v3.2? It would be very useful even if it just shows QDM.
  2. OK thanks, I used to use the bearing values at the top of the screen as a D/F in a non-radar environment.
  3. Hi I've noticed the distance tool isn't working properly in version 3.2. On previous versions you would be able to type .distance [FIX] and then select an aircraft callsign on frequency and it would display and range and bearing. Now it no longer displays a range and bearing and you cannot get rid of the range and bearing lines on the screen. Thanks Callum
  4. Yes I am a member of UniATIS but I don't want to insert temporary messages, such as LVPs, into UniATIS otherwise they'll permanently be there - I just wondered if there was an easier way of inserting them. Thanks Callum
  5. Hello Is there a way of adding messages into the ATIS (such as LVPs, frequency information, expected Approach etc.) other than clicking Insert Item then having to stop multiple record playback then start it again? Does UniATIS have the ability to insert the message "Air Traffic Low Visibility Procedures in force" automatically when cloud base or visibility falls below defined parameters? Regards Callum
  6. How do you add airport runways to the Active Airport/Runway selector? I have an airport in the list but it has no runways. Regards Callum
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