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  1. Thank you very much! For now I'll stop controlling there till I get official license for control
  2. I'd like to obtain "Visiting Controller" status and I would like to help you with Tahiti FIR.
  3. Yes, Tahiti Oceanic Center is under my control, but this isn't separate FIR, it's just my initiative. There were 3 inbound flights, and 3 local VFR flights yesterday. Yes, that's not too much traffic, but I hope more people would come to fly VFR on Cessnas or something like them. It's very beautiful region and you can even use water-based planes. I was planning to make Search&Recovery missions on such plan: 1. SR pilots gather at NTAA (or other airports) 2. Pilots who want to be rescued start their flight from any airport in the area. 3. At some moment they call for emergency and turn off transponder (of course I still can see them) 4. After that they "fall down" in some different direction and land on island or on water (yeah, you'll have to turn off crashes, but...) 5. I call SR service on different frequency and tell them something like this "SRJ103 is type B738, last seen in sector B4 (I'm going to put sectors map on French Polynesia map), last altitude XXXX, last heading XXX". 6. SR people (not all, of course) start their search. We can make it in two ways - either when planes and helicopters searches for crashsite, and when planes form first stage of search and after finding crashsite helicopters goes there for recovery mission 7. When helicopter arrives, it must land for example, for 10-15 minutes (imitation recovery of pilots and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]angers) and then head back to the airport. If anybody have suggestions about that plan - feel free to answer in here. Thank you.
  4. Good day,everyone! I'm russian VATSIM instructor, but actually, I'm controlling NTTR_CTR for about a week already. We have a superb scenery for 6 Tahiti airports, AFCADs for them and charts. I'm controlling from 0700 till 1500 UTC from Monday to Friday. Of course, from time to time I can't hold that shedule, but I'm trying. So, everybody are welcome to Tahiti! PS. 1. We have also a great sector for ASRC. Link to our pack is ftp://avia.preferance.ru/Free/NTAA
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