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  1. SID MSA data. WMSA radar data. RNAV APP VOR APP High detail airport Airways with secure area. Terrain...
  2. Hi Mark! thank you for the post, but I have a question, EGCC have multiple APP like EGCC_S EGCC_N EGCC_1 etc, and we have only one, so, we use as guide this time: http://fsmine.dhis.org/stats/showstats.cgi If you see SVBL is first in the list with: 1 SVBL_APP 18/03/2018 17:57 80:32 2 EGCC_S_APP 18/03/2018 20:21 74:46 3 LMT_APP 18/03/2018 19:20 44:10 4 SEA_APP 18/03/2018 18:15 39:45 5 ZLXY_APP 16/03/2018 10:00 39:10 6 EVRA_APP 18/03/2018 22:15 33:35 7 LPPT_APP 18/03/2018 21:30 31:31 Is it the sum of all the dependencies with the same indicative, regardless of whether they are diff
  3. Hi Mark! SVVA_TWR is from Venezuela, can you fix the image? thanks!
  4. New sector file like Jeppesen's charts, Venezuela.
  5. Hi! I'm not using charts to create ground layouts, I just create a sector file like jeppesen's charts, to create the layout I use others method, like this:
  6. Check this, is a new idea that I'm working now. What you think?
  7. Sure, I know how, but is not easy to explain, first you need set the aiport in the correct UTM coordinates and draw the airport, save the file as DXF, use a converter DXF-KML-SCT, done. I'm not a expert, but there is two ways I use to create ground layout, first: using the BGL (AFCAD), if is FSX I use Airport Facilitator X to convert to FS9, that is the only BGL can Sected read, after that I convert the SCT to CSV (separated by ; ) modify the coordinates in excel to UTM using a formula, then create a SCRIPT file for Autocad to improve the airport in the program. The second way is using googl
  8. Hi! Great tutorial! I use AutoCAD, SHP files with the terrain, Excel and 3D studio MAX, is not simple and take time, but the terrain looks very good! Full video:
  9. Hi friends, we need in our FIR a degree mark in the screen of ES, any of you can help us ceating that plug-in? Perhaps is helpfull to others ATC controllers too. Thank you! Like this maybe:
  10. Hi! i'm starting with euroscope, my question is this, when i connect the euroscope with the FSINN to use the tower view, in the inn plane show me only ZZZZ as aircraft, all aircraft. ex: CALLSING AC N12345 ZZZZ N45678 ZZZZ In "remote ID" is FSD, I think maybe change the FSD by SB3, fix the problem but I don't know how do that. I saw this post: viewtopic.php?f=43&t=58361 but I can't find a solution. Is possible fix that? Thank you.
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