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  1. SID MSA data. WMSA radar data. RNAV APP VOR APP High detail airport Airways with secure area. Terrain...
  2. New sector file like Jeppesen's charts, Venezuela.
  3. Hi! I'm not using charts to create ground layouts, I just create a sector file like jeppesen's charts, to create the layout I use others method, like this:
  4. Check this, is a new idea that I'm working now. What you think?
  5. Sure, I know how, but is not easy to explain, first you need set the aiport in the correct UTM coordinates and draw the airport, save the file as DXF, use a converter DXF-KML-SCT, done. I'm not a expert, but there is two ways I use to create ground layout, first: using the BGL (AFCAD), if is FSX I use Airport Facilitator X to convert to FS9, that is the only BGL can Sected read, after that I convert the SCT to CSV (separated by ; ) modify the coordinates in excel to UTM using a formula, then create a SCRIPT file for Autocad to improve the airport in the program. The second way is using googl
  6. Hi! Great tutorial! I use AutoCAD, SHP files with the terrain, Excel and 3D studio MAX, is not simple and take time, but the terrain looks very good! Full video:
  7. Hi friends, we need in our FIR a degree mark in the screen of ES, any of you can help us ceating that plug-in? Perhaps is helpfull to others ATC controllers too. Thank you! Like this maybe:
  8. Hi! i'm starting with euroscope, my question is this, when i connect the euroscope with the FSINN to use the tower view, in the inn plane show me only ZZZZ as aircraft, all aircraft. ex: CALLSING AC N12345 ZZZZ N45678 ZZZZ In "remote ID" is FSD, I think maybe change the FSD by SB3, fix the problem but I don't know how do that. I saw this post: viewtopic.php?f=43&t=58361 but I can't find a solution. Is possible fix that? Thank you.
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