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  1. WHat has happened to them? i rarely see them flying around on vatsim any more and when i try to join it just says page invalid?
  2. Think about it this way if theres gas, coal, cattle and oil when there's a big mining boom for all of these then virgin and jetstar will be on there hands and knee's to recieve that route becuase they will need a twice a weeks service to get all of the miners and there families out there?
  3. Yes i would love to see them back if there looking for volunteers count me in
  4. Qantas probably was aware of this fact and thought that the mining companys would to so how else are the companys going to get to Chinchilla Municipal but by plane i think if it becomes more known jetstar and virgin blue might get in on the deal do you think so?
  5. [Mod: Removed. Not very clever at all Mr W[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ell. NB 870575]
  6. Justin i know how u feel we were all new to it once so if you need any help with anything just email me.
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