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  1. SOLVED! Removed Asus Sonic Studio, and now it works like a charm.
  2. After may hours trying, I finally solved this problem by removing Asus Sonic Studio.
  3. Hi John, Thanks for your answer. Yes, I did. It is the exact same problem as described in this topic, so I suspect it's a problem with my audio driver. I already did a reinstall, but no luck yet. Slowly running out of options... Stefan
  4. Hi, I've just got a new PC and everything works fine, however... I can't hear transmissions over vPilot. The RX button doesn't light up either. I am able to transmit, and controllers hear me. I can hear notifications, e.g. when a text message is received. Things I already did: - Update my voice drivers - Install the latest Windows 10 updates - Reinstall vPilot - Run vPilot as administrator Any more ideas? Stefan
  5. Okay, now I feel stupid. Feel free to delete this topic...
  6. Hi all, vPilot doesn’t recognize the aircraft type TB10 when connecting to the network. The quite similar TB20 however is in the database. Is it possible to add the TB10? For model matching purposes the TB20 could be used. Stefan
  7. Affirm. Actually I switched back and forth a few times between the different versions during the testing but never had 2 different versions installed at the same time.
  8. Yes I am. There were multiple situations with about 5 aircraft and all of them were shown as the CRJ. A lot of them were very common (B738 KLM, A320 BAW etc) and I do have them installed. Stefan
  9. Hi all, Yesterday I upgraded to P3D v3.4. No matter what version of vPilot I use (1.1 or 2.0), the only aircraft that get's displayed is the default CRJ. I tried multiple AI packages (for example Sky AI) and the aircraft get identified in the automatic process of version 2.0 of vPilot. In version 1.1 I used the VMRgenerator, and even with a matching rule set from this generator there still aren't any positive matches. When I used P3D v2.x I didn't have this problem at all. Any ideas? Best regards, Stefan
  10. Hi Antonio, Could you please send me an e-mail? I think it has to do with your location. Stefan
  11. Hi all, Next week, during Cross the Pond, Amsterdam will be one of the arrival airports and we are now preparing to work with holdings. Normally we don't need them, and most probably we won't need them during CTP either. Is there a plugin available to work with holdings? Of course there is the default holding list, but it seems that it isn't even possible to sort by cleared altitude. Do you know any good plugin that would be handy during holdings? Maybe one that visualizes the altitudes of the aircraft (showing them above each other from a side perspective)? Best regards, Stef
  12. Thank you for your quick answer. I have found Gergely's answer. Hopefully it might come in some update . Stefan
  13. Hello all, Is there any possibility to let helicopters take-off and land at any position? For example, we have a medical helicopter that shall land on the soil when an accident has happend somewhere. It however seems to me that aircraft can only land via an ILS approach. Same goes for take-off: it would be nice to have a 'lift off/land' option for helicopters only. ... or is there another way to do this? Stefan
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