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  1. I'd like to give a helpful tip to thread posters. When you post, please name your thread according to the theme of your pics instead of a generic "My Screen Shots" or "Some VATSIM pics" etc. I'm more likely to look at a thread if I have some idea of what I'm about to see. And this is not a rule, just a suggestion to help you get more views.
  2. Why not? If the ATM is on vacation, isn't that what the DATM is there for? The ATM should give his DATM all the tools necessary to fulfill the daily tasks of the ATM while he's away. I'm not saying he should give the DATM all of the responsibilities of the ATM, only those necessary for the mundane day-to-day operations, like transfer application processing. I'm just trying to give a helpful suggestion, so if my tone seems confrontational, please don't take it that way.
  3. Hi Michal, I just want to thank you for the help you gave me. Unfortunately, like you, I was also unsuccessful in my attempts to find a solution to the problem I described, so I'll be unable to use your software for now. I hope that in the future, you will somehow be able to find a solution so that I can truly experience vRoute. Thank you for your [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance.
  4. Do tabs in other screens, i.e. route work OK? Michal The other tabs also do not work. Please, tell me the solution.
  5. Thanks, but I don't have a virus scanner running. =/ Anyone else? Below is a link showing what processes I have running. http://img252.imageshack.us/img252/8827/backgroundprocessesnz3.png
  6. Clicking on the 'Configuration' tab in the 'Info' window does not take me to the 'Configuration' page. I would appreciate [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance in this matter.
  7. First off, I want to say, you have written a very good program, so don't think I'm criticizing the software you wrote. To explain what I meant: I was thinking along the lines of ATC preferring pilots who use vRoute. So, not an official implementation of making vRoute mandatory, but one of ATC looking down on people who aren't using vRoute. However, I saw the program, I realized that this was highly unlikely and my fears were unfounded. I'm having trouble with it though. I cannot enter my VATSIM ID because when I click on the 'Configuration' tab in the Info window, it does not take
  8. I went to the link, I saw the hours, but like I said, I don't know what recourse I would have. At least with a BoG member, I would know that their actions were scrutinized carefully and I would [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume that all of the BoG members are far more intimate and knowledgeable of each other. I guess that you follow a different set of criteria for trusting people than I do, so I'm not going to debate trust with you, Matt. The problem is, I have been burned too many times in the past by sharing my email address with people who I thought I could trust. It's nothing personal or s
  9. Well that's great for you that he has your trust, but I hardly know him and I don't know what recourse I would have if he suddenly gave me a reason not to trust him. Do you see my dilemma? Thanks for trying to help though.
  10. Thanks Norman and Michal. Before I decide whether to register, I have one more question. Does the email that I use to register for vRoute have to be the one I used for VATSIM? If yes, then why have others been registering with non-ISP accounts or in some cases, multiple emails? Also, my earlier questions about the necessity of vRoute for flight on VATSIM was not answered and I'm still hoping that someone will answer it. I still have problems with this as Michal is merely a SUP and not in the administration levels of VATSIM (i.e. BoG member, etc.), and as he stated, he will be reta
  11. Will anyone outside of the VATSIM administration see it? In other words, will anyone who isn't already able to see it, be able to see it? Thank you for your help.
  12. Pardon my ignorance, but I'm failing to see why registering is necessary. If someone could please explain the reason for it, I would be appreciative. Also, are the pilots who do not want to use vRoute, because of registering, going to be at a disadvantage? In other words, will vRoute become an integral and necessary part of flight planning on VATSIM? Thanks in advance to whoever responds to my questions and concerns. Oh and before anyone asks "Why don't you want to register?" the reason is, I don't know who will be getting my email address when I register, and for what purpose they
  13. That's a good suggestion. You might want to contact them directly about your idea by going here-http://vzmeartcc.org/index.php?option=com_contact&Itemid=3
  14. If the information is, indeed, not personal, then what's the harm in letting us see it? Just a thought.
  15. Edit: I am sorry. I'm letting my personal problems affect my judgment. I need to sort out my problems before I end up making any more aggressive postings.
  16. How exactly are these student visitors causing trouble? What specifically are they doing? Are controllers being certified for positions that they are not able to man? Punishment should be meted out to discourage visiting controllers who deliberately cause trouble. But don't place restrictions on visitors according to their rating. It's not fair, and if that's is what has been going on, then this new policy was long overdue. If this consolidation of power helps ensure fairness, then I'm certainly all for it.
  17. I don't believe that the Academy should ever be an obstacle to certification; the Academy should exist only to educate those lacking the requisite ATC knowledge. If someone claims they're knowledgeable, then they should be allowed to prove it. That said, I can't see why Darrin can't be permitted to just take the necessary tests and be certified. In the case of those who claim to be real-world controllers, but prove through testing that they're not, they can be severely punished for their attempted deception. This will discourage any potential applicants from wasting a test-givers time.
  18. Mr. Vodnansky, I understand that you seem to think your whole world is being changed, but it really reflects poorly on you to carry on like this. Multiple threads really clutter up the place, and they sure don't seem to be helping to win you any support. If you absolutely must rant, at least keep it to one thread. But better yet, just stop. If you quit your tirade now, there's still a chance that people will forget about it and respect you in the future. Please consider.
  19. Tanner is much better at this than me. I should have pointed you toward the VSOA side of things. To be clear, you can fly sweet fighter jets, you just can't blow stuff up with them. Still fun though. And I wasn't offended, Angelis, just giving you some friendly advice. It's usually best not to dig up the past, that's why I was discouraging your posting in this old thread. Like I said, it's usually (but not always) better to start a new topic. Want to fly military aircraft? Try out the vUSN, and other VSOA groups, too!
  20. Hi Angelis, Maybe this is your attempt at humor (I'm not too good at detecting it sometimes), but two things you should know- 1) Please don't resurrect old threads, there's a reason no one has posted in them for awhile. Perhaps under some rare circomestances, it might be okay, but most of the time, it's better to start a new thread than to rez an old one. 2) Violent acts, hijacking, bombing, shooting airplanes, etc. are not allowed on VATSIM, so please get any notions of that sort of thing out of your head before logging in. Welcome to VATSIM, we look forward to having another
  21. I totally pwnzored KHSV the other night. BTW, Owner: HUNTSVILLE MADISON COUNTY P O BOX 20008 HUNTSVILLE, AL 35824 Phone 256-772-9395 AIRPORT AUTHORITY EXTN 260.
  22. I disagree with this statement. I believe that it is the resignations of those with experience which causes a decline in quality. The real solution is to keep on negotiating. Keep working at resolving complaints until a solution is reached.
  23. I really don't want to argue semantics, but I will in the interest of defending what I wrote. I interpreted Dan as wondering why there was not also an academy for pilots like there is for controllers. My mistake was leaving out the part before the quote, I added the bolds for emphais below.
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