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  1. I guess you missed this-http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=14087
  2. That's great, but I must respectfully disagree with your opinion. While I have not personally said that the instructors are "[Mod - lovely stuff]py", I can tell when they are doing a [Mod - lovely stuff]py job, despite my not being an instructor. I don't need to be a chef to tell that my meal was prepared terribly; I don't need to be a legislator to be against a bill full of special interest pork. My point is, I can tell when someone's not doing their job correctly, even when I've never done that job. While I believe that most VATSIM instructors do a good job, there are some who do not. Th
  3. Before you choose to avoid certain airspace, I would recommend you send feedback to the ARTCC about your experience with them. Then they will know what to change instead of just seeing people avoid them and not knowing why. You can send all the feedback you want, but the chances of it doing any good are slim to none. I don't blame bad controllers for being bad, I blame incompetent instructors for not caring that their controllers are bad, and there are PLENTY of incompetent instructors. If the instructors don't care, what good is feedback going to do? If this is the case, then more
  4. WOW. Great response from a BoG member... wait, from the President of VATSIM. Although I cannot speak for other controllers and instructors, I'm glad to know that the countless hours that I spent taking tests (both written and over-the-shoulder), working with my instructors, and the hours off-line studying, have been put to perfectly good waste. In addition, I'm now trying to figure out why the time that I have put into, and continue to put into (real world permitting) training controllers is even worth the effort, given that the VATSIM President infers it's a joke and unnecessary. Perhaps we s
  5. It seems, then, that the area which needs reform is at the ARTCC's. Find out which ARTCC's are still clinging to the "old ways" and bring them into line with the new paradigm brought about by the Academy. This should help get rid of redundant tests. Before you choose to avoid certain airspace, I would recommend you send feedback to the ARTCC about your experience with them. Then they will know what to change instead of just seeing people avoid them and not knowing why. It is important that new controllers operate local procedures correctly, and this does require some supervis
  6. You may send suggestions to myself or David (USA3) if you would like and we can p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] them on to the team. The thing is, I meant suggestions for what should be included in the training program. But, I won't know what to suggest until I actually see what's already in the pilot training program. It would be a waste of time for the both of us if I sent suggestions which were already in the program. So, I'd love to send suggestions, but I need to see a syllabus first. Once I do see it, and if something is not there that I think should be taught, I will be sure to co
  7. If VATUSA is closed to accepting any more members of the Pilot Academy Advisory Committee, does that mean folks like myself who weren't fortunate enough to get into the committee will be unable to give suggestions for the pilot training program?
  8. I also replied to your message on the Jan 4, 2007 as well and it has the same address so I would imagine that that in a few days I will be getting another bounce message. I will tell you here what I told you in both replies. The members of the Pilot Academy Advisory Committee have been selected and are at work right now. Please look for more information in the future at he VATUSA website and in the VATUSA forums. I apologize for the difficulty that my ISP has caused. I'm still working on resolving this issue.
  9. Has this idea been abandoned? I sent two emails to the email address in the first post (first one Nov. 30, second Jan. 4) and did not receive a reply to either of them. Seems awfully rude to not give any reply. It would be nice if pilot training is still being developed.
  10. Welcome back, Manohar. 1. You can get your charts from wherever you like, just make sure they're recent. I think ATC frowns upon pilots flying older procedures, even though it's not technically against the rules. 2. When you're not under the direction air traffic control, you are to broadcast your intentions on UNICOM/CTAF, which VATSIM designates as 122.8 in USA. It's a different frequencies in some other parts of the world. ATC will contact you if you enter controlled airspace from uncontrolled airspace. 3. In my experience, FSInn uses more resources than Squawkbox and takes a li
  11. Okay, just don't blame the Americans when we start slamming into you guys at the border.
  12. This is actually a good point, if two pilots were on a collision course and both switched frequencies at the same time, they would never know that the other was there unless one was able to see the other. Of course, "see and avoid" does not work too well in IMC.
  13. 5 secs isnt that ridculous, Weather isnt fetched every 5 secs, but winds, precip, vis range, pressure, temp is recaculated every 5 secs, allowing to smooth variations. 5 secs looked a nice setting when i did it because it was avoiding having a stepping effect in weather variation, especially when cruising at hi alt, but i agree this can cause a lot of FPS lost on some users. the FPS lost is can be due to CPU perf, weather details settings in FS, textures of clouds (missing some VRAM on some Video card), weather isnt a science in FS, there tons of factors that can act on FPS. FSInn is
  14. Thanks for the tips, I had decreased my weather update rate (like once per 30 seconds or something), but not all the way down to once per 300 seconds. I'll try it and see how it turns out. Also, I don't use FSNav. My free trial for it ran out last year. The only things I have running in the background with FS9 are FSCopilot, FWInn, AIBridge, in other words, only those things that allow FSInn to run. Anyway, back on topic. I found FSInn much more complicated to set up and figure out. But in the end, more rewarding because of its extra features. So, my vote is for FSInn.
  15. Just this past week, I switched to FSInn 1.2 from SB3.1 for pretty much the same reasons as stated above. The drawback is that I'm getting lower frame rates using FSInn than I was from using SB. But, once I figure out what's causing the frame rate decrease, this should no longer be a factor.
  16. Will aviation meteorology be taught in this program too? If so, I'll be one of the first to sign up.
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