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  1. All, Thanks for all the responses. I just wanted to be sure that I haven't missed anything. We have all these great tools, links, and procedures and it seems it is up to the individual controller or pilot and their preference. Thank Andreas
  2. Hello All, I have a question regarding the Oceanic procedures. There us a good document located at Vatsim.uk/pilots/uk which provides another link to the Oceanic procedure and ADSB implementation. There is another link for prefiling you Oceanic Clearance, the question I have is the clearance link actually monitored? There were active Oceanic controllers at the time. I filled it out and hit submit and was told to stand by for my clearance which never happened. Also, why do Oceanic controller have an active ACARS frequency on Hoppies Acars Network but don't respond to requests or positi
  3. All, Thanks for the replies and help. Thanks Andy Elesky
  4. Thanks, I already do that, mine was related more towards not getting the dreaded, Invalid Registration, on SimAware and other live maps when clicking on your ICON. Thanks Andy Elesky
  5. Hello, How do you Register your virtual airline with Vatsim so that the controllers, SimAware and others recognize the registration? To be clear this is a fictitious airline with no real counterpart. Thanks Andy Elesky
  6. Thanks, got it sorted. I had to completely uninstall VPilot and I downloaded from website and reinstalled VPilot and it now works. I did run .debug after installing and it's TRUE when I transmit and false when it isn't. Thanks Andy.
  7. If you saw the message that you were connected to the voice server, then the novoice command line option definitely was not in effect. You said you couldn't transmit or text anyone. What exactly do you mean by that? I got the prompt saying I was connected to the voice server and had the correct frequency tuned and when I hit my transmit they the transmit light would not work and the controller did not respond. I then .msg the controller and same, no response and no transmit light. I tried to contact both the center and approach controllers. I restarted the sim and vpilot connected
  8. Hello All, I installed this (2.4.5) update last night and I could connect and was connected to the voice server but could not transmit or text anyone. Is there a possibility that the no voice command line was installed by default? Where can I check to see if it was? Thanks Andy
  9. Hello All, I have the same issue as the others. I upgraded my Winodows to Windows 10, 1803 and VPilot to the latest version. I operate using the remote with voice feature, I can receive but no matter what I do I cannot transmit. I do not have a yoke attached. My microphone and transmit key work in other programs. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks Andy
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