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  1. Sounds like some good news. Really wish for xsb to be around soon to get back into the network.
  2. I think that - given the long time planning goes - it should have been well possible to release AFV for all users. After all, you are not inventing new software. XSB already exists and just needs some changes to include the AFV codecs so it works without the standalone client. In my opinion it's not a big deal. Regarding the arguments, Windows users are the majority... it's always coming up, when Mac or Linux users raise their voices. It's also always used as an excuse for no or delayed releases. Just because some parts of your community are a minority, it does not mean that they can
  3. Maybe I have expressed myself wrongly. With no updates, I referred to no update which makes xsb or XPilot to work on Linux. Helping out on Swift is kind of pointless. I have been on their Discord for a while and there is not really any support. Plus, the point is that I don't want to use Swift. I want to use XSB. I have been using XSB for years without a single issue and I own and fly payware aircraft, which integrate CPDL and VATSIM into the cockpit. However, this integration only works with XSB. Also, I strongly disagree with Andreas Fuchs. One week is a long time for a plat
  4. I have to agree with the OP though. A week has p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed with AFV online and there has been no update to the AFV standalone or XSB or XPilot. Mac and Linux users are left out here. Swift is a pain to use and full of issues. But well, I stopped caring. I am flying on IVAO for now. The Linux client works fine and there are no issues. Eventually I will return to flying on VATSIM, once this is solved. Oh, I know that VATSIM is a free service and that workforce, etc. is volunteer... but I am still disappointed. Leaving out the Mac and Linux community was a bad move. A
  5. Never mind. I was running Swift 9.2 Alpha. I was not aware of an update and it did not notify. All working now! Thanks and sorry. This long version number got me confused.
  6. Hi, the error is still there. I am in EDDF and trying to connect to Center: The same happens when trying to connect to EDDF_TWR. Text is working though. I was able to connect to EDDF_GND, but not to EDDF_DEL:
  7. Thanks Declan, that was one reason. The other was a missing library, which I found out on the X-Plane forums. It is working no for the voice part. However, I cannot connect to some channels. For example I could connect to SY_GND just find but I could not connect to SY_TWR. First the error was Host not found and then it was an Authentitive error. No way to get it to work. Had to use text. Cheers, Ben
  8. Hi, yes. Volume is set to full up but I cannot hear nor send. Once in a while I get a host not found error, when trying to tune a frequency with ATC. However, I changed servers and it went away. The issue remains though. When I hit the PTT button, I hear the no audio transmit warning and I am not heard by ATC. If I turn looping on in SWIFT to check my microphone, I can hear me just fine. Cheers
  9. Hi all, I downloaded SWIFT Alpha and connected to the network like before. I set up audio and microphone, however I cannot transmit in voice and I do not hear any other voice transmissions. Did I miss something? Is there any particular setup to keep in mind? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Ben
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