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  1. Any thoughts anybody - I have had no responses in the AVC Support forum. Regards Russell Jourdain (NZL007/ZK-RHJ)
  2. Thanks for your response. AVC closes, but it is still existing in taskman. There is nothing in the taskbar. Regards Russell Jourdain (NZL007/ZK-RHJ)
  3. For some reason AVC cannot shut down and remains in taskmanager. When I try to end the process it remains there. I cannot disconnect from a channel when connected. Can anybody be of [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance. I have tried completely removing AVC and installing again. Even without FS running I can start AVC but I cannot shut it down. It disappears from the screen, but remains in task man. Any [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance would be greatly appreciated as I can't use voice at the moment. Regards Russell Jourdain (NZL007/ZK-RHJ)
  4. Great idea Chris. At this stage there probably isn't enough traffic to warrant all three forums. Regards Russell Jourdain (NZL007/ZK-RHJ)
  5. That's why we have to keep an eye on the forum - you know Pavalova, Phar Lap, etc :):) Regards Russell Jourdain (NZL007/ZK-RHJ)
  6. Well, somebody had to be first Regards Russell Jourdain (NZL007/ZK-RHJ)
  7. You should be posting in the NZ forum Beverley Regards Russell Jourdain (NZL007/ZK-RHJ)
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