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  1. Tks for your response Stephan. I will try your tips tomorrow. bye JLuc
  2. Hi all, I have seen on the first Euroscope video that it is possible to lock the Tag position of an aircraft on the screen. I don't see anything about this functionnality in the docomeentation. Do someone have achieved to do this ? rgds JLuc
  3. Hi Gergely, Great job. Many tks to you and to all the guys involved in V3 release of Euroscope. rgds JL
  4. Hi all, Using the correct fixe's name is better to make it works... Tks Stephan rgds Jean-Luc
  5. That's not correct. ES supports that just as VRC does. Hi Stephan, I have tried few weeks ago and it didn't work but perhaps my ese files contained some errors. I will try again today. cdt Jean-Luc
  6. Hello Mark, First thing. I think (Gergely tell me if i am wrong), Euroscope doesn't support fixes name in SID&STAR description in the sct file. You need to replace them by their geographical coordinates to display them on your radar scope. The SIDSTAR section in the ese file is not to display SID's and STAR's but to give Euroscope pieces of information make it able to analyse the FP and to help ATC to determine which procedure to use according to the rwy in use. So, just give the list of radio-aids or fixes as published for the SID's & Star's you want to describe in the ese fil
  7. Hello Opher, Just remove the comments at the end of each sector definition line. for example, "SECTORLINE:TMA_W;OVERWATER BORDER" becomes "SECTORLINE:TMA_W" regards Jean-Luc
  8. Thank you Gergely for your response and for Euroscope. Jean-Luc
  9. Hello VATSIM world, I have a question about the SECTOR section provided with the Hungarian ESE file. What fonctions are activated by the GUEST and ACTIVE entries in some sectors definitions of this file? tks in advance Jean-Luc
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