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  1. Seeing the term "GA" sparked my attention. Sounds fun... in real life. Doing all that on a simulator might be stretching it. I'd say select a certain number of airports (not every one out there) and try that, so it's not as long and maybe more practical for sim pilots. To probably make it even more realistic for Vatsim GA pilots, perhaps just pick a state and start with that. I'd be interested in something like that. -R
  2. Thanks for your input, Ian. Looks like the West Coast is probably one of the better places to fly GA on Vatsim. Next time I'm on I'll check that side of the country out and see if any "NXXXX's" are flying around. Now all we need to do is convince some controllers to ditch those big airports... at least sometimes. -R
  3. Oh, I know that fact all too well. I was born in Vancouver, B.C., and grew up in Portland, OR. The weather there can be a gloomy mix of overcast skies, showers and constant rain. But, then again, that does make things interesting. I'll check that site out, thanks. Yeah, I was afraid of that. I've done similar things myself, just getting a couple friends to fly around with, but that never happened often. Just like there are several large airports that almost always have airliner traffic and controllers (MIA, ATL, JFK, LAX, etc), I was kind of hoping that there was a similar situation
  4. That's exactly what I do, Travis. I usually fly around Florida, so I pick a small field near a controlled airport and fly to another near a controlled airport so I have the ATC experience with smaller, more "realistic" fields. That works alright, but generally all you do is get airspace permission and maybe a vector to the airfield. What I would love to see is a controller pick up a smaller Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] Delta airport, and more pilots flying the smaller birds. I can see how flying the heavies across the continent can be fun (and likewise controlling them), but GA aircraft (and
  5. I should clarify. I don't mean GA unfriendly airports, since usually the big airports are willing to (and often happy to) accomodate smaller aircraft. Rather, I should say GA appropriate airports; fields that GA aircraft would usually fly from. Thanks for the link, Kyle. I'll look into that. To be more specific about my original question, is there a group of pilots or an area (or airport) that GA pilots tend to congregate to? I've never really noticed anything like that, so I thought I may as well ask everyone, because it's more exciting to fly out of a smaller field (something that
  6. Hello all, I'm just wondering, is there a place and/or time that people like to fly GA aircraft? I understand that most of the traffic around VATUSA are IFR airliners, but I find it hard to believe that every pilot out there flies a heavy and files an IFR flight plan. I prefer to fly smaller GA aircraft, usually VFR, but a lot of the time I find myself flying into big Int'l airports just to get the ATC/traffic experience. If there's a time and place where pilots fly out of smaller, more GA friendly fields (and possibly controllers who would like doing something like Charlie or Delta airspa
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