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  1. Any chance of any further responses to my questions..? I only bump, as I've now had chance to sit down and read the privacy policy in full (side-by-side with the Data Protection & Handling Policy), which has prompted some additional questions on the two policies you've provided. In the privacy policy you state: However, within the DP&H Policy, you've outlined that some PII is released publicly. This seems at odds with the other policy. Within the DP&H you also state: I'm not entirely sure the policy can make this claim, although I'm happy to be proven
  2. Thanks for taking the time to shed some light on this - I appreciate GDPR is like wading through treacle at times. The data feed is covered in the Privacy Policy under '1.3 - Personal Statistical Information' and I can confirm that it will remain publicly available: "[...] This personal information can be seen by other members and/or VATSIM affiliates and partners. In addition, this information may also be available to the general public via the internet. For further information regarding the availability of a member's personal statistical information, please see the VATSIM User A
  3. I'm not a division director, so my question still stands about how these changes might impact the data feed and SSO system (both of which are usable by non-staff). I've since noticed the new policy is now live on the website ( https://www.vatsim.net/docomeents/data-protection-data-handling-policy ) and within it, it specifically states: Which I can only [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume relates to the (currently public) data feed. The above statement suggests that this feed might no longer be public, since there's no mention of it being publicly accessible in that docomeent. Can you con
  4. Mark et al, Any further updates on this? Do people who use any of the data feeds need to prepare for any changes? What about changes to any of the APIs such as AutoTools and SSO? It'd be a shame if systems started breaking on the 25th, because changes have been rolled out without any communication.
  5. All, We're 22 days away from implementstion, I'm just curious to know what plans are afoot as there's very little publicity beyond GDPR suddenly appearing in meeting minutes (and quite late, at that). It'd be good to have a concrete outline if what's planned, even if in a draft form, as I'm concerned at how wide spread the impact will be (region & division websites, online feeds, booking systems, and then the difficult topic of age restrictions varying by country). Anthony
  6. Hello! Given the seismic changes to data protection regulations across Europe, I'm (as I'm sure many others are) curious to find out about VATSIM's plan to adopt these changes and manage the impact it'll likely have, especially in terms of the varying ages of consent (for data storage), ability to request a data download of every piece of information held (CERT, I'm looking at you) and also the ability to request complete removal of personally identifiable information. All seems quiet, and I'd really hate for VATSIM to hurtle past May 25th and only then start to get their head around it.
  7. I'd argue that this is probably the biggest element holding back the technology side of VATSIM. There doesn't seem to be any roadmap or plan for the global technology stack (from how divisions/regions are supported, to network infrastructure). I remember having a conversation in 2006 about how the BoG were interested in using the UK's training/mentoring web system on a global scale - it's been 12 years since anyone discussed that, but I'd agree it needs to happen across the board so that there's a standard within which divisions/regions can work. Remember though Luke, the biggest co
  8. All, You'll see Craig has worked to put out a fix for this issue: https://community.vatsim-uk.co.uk/topic/27772-virtual-controller-[Mod - Happy Thoughts]istant-vca-new-euroscope-plugin/?page=8#comment-307773 As controllers download the new tool, you'll notice this happens less and less. We've put measures in place to ensure this type of issue doesn't taken in excess of 12 months to resolve in the future. Apologies to anyone it's impacted. Regards, Anthony
  9. The expectation for many is also that the consolidation can only be done on a suitable position. 50 hours on a delivery position isn't consolidating the rating.
  10. You'd be better off opening a ticket with the membership team: http://membership.vatsim.net
  11. Completely untrue... This is now resolved. You can add .png to the end of the URL (.jpg won't work, as it serves a PNG).
  12. This isn't a VATSIM provided service. Our official one is https://indicators.vatsim.net
  13. What is your current setup? Are there any specific languages you expect people to know, frameworks they're to be familiar with or generally aware of? The more information you give, the more people you may gain the interest of.
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