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  1. Thought i might share mine too, although it's pathetic compared to some of the scopes i've seen on here! It's very quiet at the moment so I've logged on quickly to the sweatbox and vectored a few a/c so you can see the tags. ESSEX_APP setup
  2. The issue has now been resolved and the site is available from both domains.
  3. Johnathon, It has since changed again, if I understand you correctly; see here. Best viewed with Adobe Reader 8. I'm not aware that it requires Java as well although I'm happy to be corrected.
  4. Validation? I thought they were called exams these days? just messing with you...
  5. I had a headset failure a couple of days ago and had to use my headset (with an adaptor)... believe me it gets uncomfortable, although noises of small children demolishing 3-course meals of audio equipment are lost to me... which by the sounds of things is fairly useful
  6. At risk of repeating anything Ruth said on this... or disagreeing with a more experienced controller... Speed restrictions are usually applied during approach... when I (or any other radar controller) says, we don't quite mean that, we probably should say, Maximum speed on most ILS approaches in the UK is 180 knots IAS. I would [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume this still stands despite the wording of the instruction. Common sense dictates as well you don't go hurtling down the ILS at 250-odd knots. The implication is you can slow to final approach speed. I know what Ruth means about the I
  7. Perhaps someone might post a monthly bulletin of key things to do with the UK, especially events. I will have a word with VATUK5 (our events manager).
  8. My view comes somewhere in between that of the two Stephen's on that. I will say, however, that I find the general reiteration of rules posted in the same thread entirely unnecessary.
  9. Next week, 23rd July to 30th July, I will attempt the tower Iron Mic, with a dry run to put us in the rankings from Wednesday 18th July. All welcome, support the cause, and put hong Kong well and truly on the map! P.S I'd be grateful if someone could copy the contents of this post into the separate VATSEA forum, wherever that is.
  10. Right, with the votes tied either way, I am starting my attempt today, with a 6-hour stint from 0200Z to 0800Z. I need others to help so please feel free to log on and help the cause. This morning is going really well, averaging 1 every 30 mins, all B744s! not had an arrival yet. There were two en-route but both disappeared. As I'm posting, an Air Canada A340-500 has just filed, ruining the all-B744 marathon .
  11. Are you starting from cold and dark, or are you just loading up with the engines running? If it's the latter, I imagine the screens come on for a few seconds (it does vary) and then goes black. If this is the case, and from those pictures I think it might be, all that is required is a reinstallation of the PMDG 747. This does seem to happen to illegal cracked copies and to earlier versions.
  12. I'm not saying I'll do an Iron Mic attempt and then B*gger off for a few weeks, I want to man it regularly, building up traffic levels, as well as going for an Iron Mic, perhaps we can consistently man it and go fro 4 weeks running! then we'll build up traffic levels and more controllers well then man it, like a cycle until we get loads of traffic! I know I am being simplistic, gimme a chance!
  13. Hello guys, I am a visiting Senior Student (S3) controller from the UK division, currently training on VHHH_TWR. I am based in the UK, so I would be able to man the tower if we went for the Iron Mic, from about 1730Z to about 0030Z, which is like the night and early morning hours up to 8:00 in the morning, HK local time, so I figure we could get a very decent uptime there. Anyone up for the Iron Mic? See you in the skies and on the scopes!
  14. thought that might be it... Thanks Ross, I'll try it now.
  15. Having reinstalled VRC, you'd think it would replace all the missing font values etc in the reinstallation. I'm not sure if anyone else has had this problem, I am running Windows XP Media Center edition 2005, SP2, and have been so far running VRC without incident for 6 months until now with no change of OS.
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