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  1. Power back was standard for NWA DC9 and MD80 in the US at certain airports. It always makes me cringe a little because it seemed so prone to FOD and burned a little more fuel of course..
  2. This problem appears to have been solved by re-booting my computer. Thank you Andreas, FYI the task manager showed no other programs running, I had tried that earlier. Hopefully I will be functional for a while.
  3. Attempting to upgrade it gives me this language "It seems some Swift application is still in use, it must be closed before the installation can". I now assume I must uninstall the old before I can upgrade, is this correct?
  4. Andreas, I have begun to upgrade to .369 but I have not successfully been able. I am going to re-try the upgrade this evening.
  5. After about 2 months of running swift with FS9 when I tried to start today I get a grey message screen "program must only run once" and no GUI. This is FS9 and it has been flawless until this. There is no other program running so not sure what is going on. Is there a solution? I have had only good luck with Swift til now.
  6. I enabled PTT following your tutorial, thank you Andreas! I had overlooked clicking on voice in the set up process for some reason but the tutorial redirected me. Ironically, I had gone through that tutorial before but simply missed a step. Thank you.
  7. Ah, thank you Andreas! That solved the text problem immediately, I had not been clicking the tab before depressing the enter function. I am reviewing the tutorial for the PTT, thank you. I do like Swift as I become more familiar with it each day. The audio is quite clear and crisp.
  8. I successfully flew my first flight using FS9 and Swift. I have not been able to select a PTT key however. After selecting a key from the menu and clicking OK it is not working. In addition, when I went to send a text msg in lieu of a voice transmission I realized I did not know how to "send" it. I saw no "send" function as in old Squawk box. These seem elementary I know but can someone [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist me on these questions? Thank you.
  9. I am flying FS9 with Squawkbox and the adjunct AFV but I am text only. Despite my mic calibrating perfectly I am not able to use voice. I plan on going to Swift soon anyway and perhaps Xplane. I also hate to terminate SB since it has been simple and efficient since I started almost 14 years ago. I do not think many pilots are flying FS9 with SB and AFV but it does work for now at least for me.
  10. Jimmy try this server, cut and paste in your SB menu if you are still on FS9.
  11. Daniel, I was able to re-load ASE after going back to Simmarket where my download history is stored. Thanks for the info.
  12. I got it from Hi-Fi so I will email them. I still have my key code. I am glad to know it is still a working platform for FS9, thank you.
  13. I do not see an option to re-install the program ASE, only upgrade options on the site.
  14. I have been using Activesky Evolution for about 4 years with FS9 but it will not load for me anymore. The problem started just about January 3. I have been using Vatsim weather but I guess changes are in the near future for me. I was going to re-load FSE but it seems not to be available anymore.
  15. Let us all do some Vatsim flying and most of my flights are in the southeast U.S. I would love to see you guys. I am always DAL4176 or WWA1404.
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