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  1. Here are a couple off the top of my head: payware: FlightSim Commander EFB(electronic flight bag) free: Plan-G at least one if not all those require a configured simconnect iirc. Regards, /jl
  2. If there is only an "OK" button not visible try selecting the sim then hitting then . That might blindly press the button a achieve the goal. If it turns out there are more buttons, then it might take more than one tab. Regards.
  3. I think this the OP want to know if he can do this: connect to vatsim/file fp start flying disconnect from vatsim then go afk and "Up the sim rate" then come back say at TOD and re-connect with fp still intact. I could be wrong but that what i thought his question was. Not sure the answer is the same then. /regards
  4. I had the black aircraft and iirc it was related to dx10.(where the particular aircraft was not dx10 compatible). going back to dx9 solved that. I have no idea why the nose of the plane is kissing the tarmac though. /regards
  5. Another thing to watch for. Those default binds rely on the default binding for "Item 1 Select" through to "item 4 select". Make sure they are what you think they are in FSX controls options. I think it is from the "simulator" section. /regards
  6. Awesome! Thank you. That looks like a fantastic start. /regards
  7. I've disabled the centering effect so the wheel stays in w/e position you move it to. I've also reduced the usable range such that it only uses about 90degrees of rotation to represent 0-100%. What I would really love!!! is for it to move on its own when autothrottle is engaged. The forcefeedback motors have the capability of very smooth motion and the "force" is quite strong. If someone can point me in the right direction I am willing to invest some time to try to tinker with scripts and/or config files. jl
  8. I'm gonna take a guess here and say that you have two kits of yoke+throttle and are trying to use the second throttle to augment or add a feature to your 'main' yoke. If that is right, then... Without modding the electronics, you will have to plug in both yokes. regards /jl
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