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  1. Congrats to David and THANK YOU to Jacques.
  2. Me corrijo, muy "Bueno" noticia Disculpa, humor ingles!
  3. Congratulations Stephan, thanks to all those who applied, the process of elimination was very much relative, we were lucky to have a lot of strong applicants.
  4. I am delighted to announce that Evgeny Vygornitsk​y (862634) has accepted the post of Division Director for VATSIM Russia. Evgeny has given a lot to the Russian Division of VATSIM in his time as Membership Director and Deputy Director, also supporting the network centrally as a Supervisor and a key point of contact for a lot of other Russian membership issues. His contributions to the FS community are certainly not limited to VATSIM as he also dedicates a lot of time developing add-ons for FS9 which are widely available. Recent staff changes aside, this is a very exciting time for VATSIM in Russia. A lot of big projects to get more people online are overcoming a lot of inertia. To unsuccessful applicants and any other people in general who want to see this division grow, do not keep your thoughts to yourselves, get involved, engage with other members and your staff team so that we can get more people online using the abundance of wonderful freeware sceneries and excellent ATC on the network.
  5. VATSIM Europe Region Announces the vacancy for Russian Division Director Position (VATRUS1). Applications should be sent to the Region Director for Europe: Thomas George [email protected] PREREQUISITES: The application should include an on VATSIM and off VATSIM CV and member's VATSIM ID number, name, email etc. Applicants should at least: a) have some past experience in dealings with Division staff duties and/or VACC staff duties from the Russian Division b) hold at least a C1 ATC rating (CTR Controller) c) be a member in good standing of VATRUS division with a clean VATSIM record Applicants must be capable of committing significant free time into this position, 2 to 3 hours a day is not uncommon. Interested persons need to be able to communicate and set clear visions and targets and see these implemented and followed up throughout the division. The role reports to the Region Director for Europe and is accountable for the sustainable growth of the division, achieved through retention of members (new and existing), training, development and progression of both pilots and controllers as well as maintaining an active community base through communications, marketing and events. Divisional policy should be maintained and reviewed to facilitate this. This is a high profile position and ideally we are looking for long term commitment 2 to 3 years as a minimum. Closing Date: Sunday 12th February 2012 1700Z
  6. It is with regret that I must announce the resignation of Sergey as VATRUS1. Sergey has been an [Mod - Happy Thoughts]et to the division in providing leadership and guidance to get VATRUS to the strong position that it is now in. Due to family and work commitments things are getting a lot busier and he has decided that now is the time to move on. On behalf of Kyprianos (his boss for most of his Directorship) and myself I would like to thank Sergey for all that he has done for VATRUS and wish him the best for the future. Regards,
  7. Hi Jack, Thanks for posting, I think that it's full but Miguel may have had a cancellation. I'll get someone to email you and make sure that you get some help one way or another. Regards,
  8. I have just written to your VATSIM-registered email address. Regards,
  9. We will consider applications from people with a rating lower than CTR+ depending on experience.
  10. VATSIM Europe Region is seeking a new member to join the Regional Conflict Resolution Panel. The role is clearly defined in Article III of the Code of Regulations, the relevant excerpt is enclosed below. Applications to Neil Dewson-Smyth the RCRP Chairman ([email protected]) no later than 1700Z Sunday 5th February 2012 please. §3.10 Executive Committee –Regional Conflict Resolution Panel Each Regional Director shall be required to create and empanel a board referred to as a Regional Conflict Resolution Panel. The Regional Conflict Resolution Panel shall consist of three (3) or five (5) members. A. Qualifications: To be eligible for this position, an individual must meet all of the following qualifications: 1. The individual must be an active member in good standing of VATSIM.net; and 2. The individual must be an active member of the region in which the Regional Conflict Resolution Panel sits; and 3. The individual must have a VATSIM.net rating of Senior Controller or higher. However, the Regional Director of the particular region in which the Regional Conflict Resolution Panel sits may, in his or her sole discretion, waive the rating requirement and allow one of the members of the panel, where the panel is comprised of three individuals, or two of the members of the panel, where the panel is comprised of five individuals, to have a rating which is lower than senior controller. An individual for whom the rating qualification is waived, however, must still meet all other qualifications of this rule; and 4. The individual must not currently be a Divisional Conflict Resolution Manager; and 5. The individual must not currently be a member of the VATSIM.net Board of Governors. The Regional Director may be one of the members of the Regional Conflict Resolution Panel. B. Powers: The Regional Conflict Resolution Panel shall hear and decide appeals of decisions made by Divisional Conflict Resolution Managers which are made by formally suspended or expelled members of VATSIM.net pursuant to the definitions, terms, powers and procedures set forth in Article VI. of this Code of Regulations. C. Terms of Members of Regional Conflict Resolution Panel and Replacement Procedures: A Regional Director, in his or her sole discretion, may set limits on the terms that members of a Regional Conflict Resolution Panel may serve. The appointment and replacement procedures for members of a Regional Conflict Resolution Panel are left to the Regional Director in his or her sole discretion.
  11. The Executive Committee has unanimously agreed to allow authorised persons in VATUK holding an S2 rating and actively involved in Approach training to practise solo on their training position during a trial period from 1st February 2012 until 30th April 2012. Further details including eligibility will be clarified by VATUK when they release the trial information in the VATUK forums, authorised persons will be listed on a link which will appear here. If you have any further queries on the trial, please contact George Wright (VATUK ATC Training Director).
  12. A clue though as a general rule to help you out, runway numbers are linked to the direction they point. If you are told runway 18, the runway direction is going to be 180 +/-5 degrees so if you're at an airport with just one runway, you want to taxi to the end such that, when you are lined up, you're facing south. If you've got 18L, 18C and 18R, these letters stand for Left, Centre and Right. If you're looking at the runways on a southerly heading, the one on the left would be 18L, the one in the middle 18C and the one on the right 18R. So at Gatwick it looks like you have two runways but actually 08L/26R is just a taxiway now so the only runway is 26L/08R. Last time I checked runway 26L had a heading of 262 (so westerly) so you need to taxi to the end of the runway that is nearest to the South Terminal to line up on it. If it's 08R you need to go all the way down to the other end. These are just guidelines, where possible it's definitely best to have the correct charts and just follow them. Hope this helps.
  13. A nice change from London departures, will see whether I can get my PC in shape for it!
  14. Hi Andy, Email Ivan Garcia (ivan dot garcia at vatspa.net) who will help get the ball rolling for departures out of Barcelona, if you go to the VATSIM France website (Google VATFrance) you need to email a lady called Cathy Mariani (cathy dot mariani at vatfrance.org) for coverage through France. Kris Thomson (kris dot thomson at vatsim-uk.co.uk) is the Events Manager in VATUK. Regards,
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