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  1. If the issue is that there isn't enough people willing to host this file, I would be happy to add myfsim.com to that list. If there is a need, please email me as I don't log on to the forums here very often. I can be reached at mtn1474 [//[ AT ]//] caseydiers.com. Please provide me with some sort of idea of what kind of traffic I should expect, but I don't think it would be a problem. I have hundreds of GB/mo of traffic that I'm not using on this server.




    I currently have roughly 4.5 nines of uptime over the past two years. (about 30 min down per year)


    I have gotten so much out of Vatsim over the past ten years (or so), I would be happy to give back. Email me if there is a need and / or interest.

  2. Not sure if this is the right place to post this but here we go:


    My scripts which dynamically p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] the different servers locked on to vattastic and it brought my whole service down. further testing showed that net-flyer is also down. Can we please have http://data.vattastic.com/vatsim-data.txt and http://www.net-flyer.net/DataFeed/vatsim-data.txt removed from the server list at http://stats.vatsim.net/status.txt? Or do our scripts now have to check to see if those files are up before using them as well. I ha thought that whatever feeds the status.txt page was idiot checking those servers periodically. If this is not the case, each service should do so themselves.


    vattastic is giving a 500 error

    net-flyer is giving a 404 error

  3. These files are available for download, with instructions, here:




    BUT, before you download it, note that this file only covers the US (or any airspace that the FAA maintains in their databases) as that is the only data that I have access to. So if you are outside the US (or its territories), downloading these files will be a step backward rather than a step forward.


    These files are updated with every airac.


    As with anything in life, be sure to back up the original files. If you have a problem with these files, they may render your install useless without the original Airports and Waypoints .xml files. And due to the unknown implications of doing so, I don't feel comfortable posting the originals up on my site (because they aren't mine to share).

  4. Just happend


    DEN_TWR: DAL***, Cleared to KMSP airport via, YELLO6 departure, Redwood Falls transition then as filed, Maintain 10000 expect FL350 10 min after departure, departure on me, sqk 0615.

    DAL***: Since when did tower controller take departures. (comes in static)

    DEN_TWR: If you cannot make 10,000 for the initial departure, it is not my problem.

    DAL***: *facepalm*



    Please turn up the volume on your mic next time. As I indicated multiple times in my transmissions, you were about 2x3 meaning I could barely hear you and you were quite broken as well.


    Additionally, and somewhat more importantly, the attitude you indicate was not present.


    Thanks for flying ZDV and I look forward to seeing you next time!




  5. Yes. Of course. When I said that, I was [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming that was clear to everyone. That comment was referring to earlier in the thread where I said that we confirmed that on the real world scopes they cannot see aircraft on the ramp on their scopes.


    So what I was saying was, the difference between real world and vSTARS could be precisely that. They can't see them in the real world because of the obstructions, and that isn't modeled by vSTARS.


    Good lord, making MSAWs is bad enough, if we had to input terrain or other obstruction info......

  6. Yes, that did it. It looks like it was the fact that the radar site actually sits below the airport by a couple hundred feet. So what was happening was that TDM wasn't activating. And therefore aircraft that hadn't filed a flight plan yet were showing up as primary targets only, with none of that other useful info.


    Bummer that we can't use the real elevation data for that radar site.. but... oh..... wait..... Ok, now I don't care anymore.


    Thanks all.


    Harold, I'll email you a link to the file with this fix in it.

  7. Yea, you might be right. BUT.... both of those numbers (as best as I can tell) are accurate. If you look at an topo map of the area around KDEN, it is a real mess. And just because it is below the actual airport, doesn't mean they can see ground traffic on their scopes. What with buildings and such.....


    Let me test a couple different set ups with this info in mind.

  8. Hah. Yes. I did that while testing and I guess I forgot to put it back.


    That is the site nearest to KDEN and I was trying to figure out why TDM wasn't working. I didn't think that was the issue, but was testing with the negative value. Doing so [obviously] allowed me to see the aircraft on the ground, but didn't seem to make TDM work at all. No, the radar site doesn't look down. The actual floor slope should be "0.459", just like the other one. And we have confirmed that the RW radar site cannot 'see' aircraft on the ground due to the slope, so I'm pretty sure that floor slope is accurate (.459, not -4).


    And I send Ross a link to our file via PM, and he has already responded; so I'm not going to bother emailing him.

  9. As promised:


         <RadarSite IsPrimary="true" Character="I" ID="IRO" Elevation="5269" FloorSlope="-4" PrimaryRange="60" SecondaryRange="120" ConeOfSilenceSlope="49.95">
           <Location Lon="-104.67433" Lat="39.82334" />
         <RadarSite IsPrimary="false" Character="P" ID="PLA" Elevation="4991" FloorSlope="0.459" PrimaryRange="60" SecondaryRange="120" ConeOfSilenceSlope="49.5">
           <Location Lon="-104.71858" Lat="40.296639" />


    Not sure what that last radar site thing is. But it was created by vSTARS via an export, so I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume it should be there.


    And I'm not sure I have Ross' email. Where would I find that?

  10. Hello all,

    I've been working on sector files for the VATUSA's ZDV ARTCC. I am in the process of creating a new one for KRAP (the RCA_APP position) based on an image file I stumbled across online.


    Throught the help of Noah Bryant, I was pointed to a method for taking an raster image, converting it to a vector file, using a program called MapScan to Geo-reference it, and then spit that out into a program that created coordinates that can be pasted into a sector file. Here is a link that will help for those that didn't understand what I just said:




    Apparently Noah has used this method in the past to do other sectors for ZDV such as the more well known Aspen radar map.


    Anyway, now I'm trying to do it, but when I Geo-reference it, MapScan appears to be offsetting the coordinates by about a degree and a half. This is really annoying because I'm getting so close to a finished product, but it is spitting out a really unexpected result:


    I have it as a vector file, and I have my control points all set up. They are something like:










    It is all set up and looks correct, but every time I hit OK, those points are more like





    Meaning when I mouse over a point on the new drawing that used to be exactly where the control point was, the coordinates aren't the same. IE when I hit ok, it shifts everything like a degree and a half east and north. Meaning that when I export it and convert it to be in VRC it is off and therefore useless.


    This is so aggravating because I have spent hours and hours lining up think, making control points, pasting in coordinates; and now it just seems like MapScan isn't working properly.


    Has anyone run into any problems such as this one?


    here are two pictures that might help to explain what I'm saying:




    Between those two pictures all I did was hit ok, and it seems to have shifted that point by 1.8 deg west and 1.1 deg north. That doesn't makes sense to me. It almost seems like there is a magnetic variation or some other setting that is getting botched here, but I sure don't know enough about all of this to be able to figure that out.


    Any help is appreciated.



    Casey (ZDV_CI / MTN1474)

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