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  1. I think he wants someone to recommend a good ARTCC.There are many good ones.It all depends on what you like.
  2. your best bet is to find routes through simroutes or others.You can find approach and departure charts through airnav or the artcc you will be approaching in's website.I almost never use an FMC,so I always copy down points on the charts and any restrictions so incase an ATC pops up,I am prepared to go on "as filed."
  3. looking forward to it.Can't wait for my OTS,whenever that will be.
  4. ok,thanks.I only read parts of the asrc guide.
  5. Still having problems logging into the ZLA exam Center,but hopefully I'll get an email soon.As for sector files,is there a guide somewhere about how to set these up.When I log into ASRC,it's just black space.
  6. ok,so I could get online.I guess I was supposed to use my VATSIM ID.OOOOOPPPPPPPSSSSS.
  7. it is set to observer and I have tried to log in many times.Could it be ASRC?I'll try again though.
  8. I have tried to log in to observe,but with no success.I was told that you needed to take more basic exams before you could.I have emailed the training staff at ZLA.So hopefully they can clarify it better for me.
  9. ok,I seem to be having a problem.I got an email from ZLA saying I signed up with them.They said I would need to take the ZLA basics.But when I log in to take the exam,I get an error saying incorrect login.I am signing in with my VATUSA p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]woed,but I cannot get through.I typed everything in right,but still no luck.I'm also wondering when I will be able to Observe.
  10. VATUSA seems to operate differently.I first had to take an entry exam.Now I have to take the ARTCC basics,then hopefully Observe
  11. any testing that is similar to VA testing does wonders.Most VA's also have testing that can raise a pilot's rank.These tests are great for VATSIM.And possibly renewing a certification every two years could help to lessen problems.But then with that,We would need a study guide and extra staff.
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