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  1. Hey Peter! I was referring to sim flying!
  2. I assume that the web page for oceanic clearance is being used mainly for high volume of traffic days when voice comms are congested. On a normal day there are no more than 7-8 aircraft to cross the pond. Just practise your oceanic clearance communications by voice. Its fun for both you and ATC 🙃
  3. Visual approach is requested only by the pilot and approved by ATC. ATC cannot force the pilot to execute a visual approach unless there is no instrument approach on this airport in which case you have to cancel your IFR flight plan. Go around from a visual approach usually follows the published missed approach of the instrument approach in use at that time but especially in USA can be different.
  4. What it can really help on this matter is to study and prepare yourselves before you get online. Study the airport layout and possible taxi routes. The same you can do enroute on the way to your destination. Even if a taxiway has been renamed if you know the general direction of your assigned gate you will be able at least to move away form the active runway to the correct direction.
  5. Hey Nestor! I am not quite sure what that means. Is it something temporary? What do I have to do to be fixed?
  6. When I tried to connect to the network as Heraklion approach I got the following error from AFV. Any ideas?
  7. We would like to thank everyone participated in the event!! Pilots and ATC made it as real as it gets!
  8. As the day of the event approaches, it would be nice to mention some hints and tips about how to approach and land with no stress in these Greek destinations 😎 In general: Due to the nature of these approaches, please be prepared to provide detailed position reports (Distance from waypoint - Altitude passing or Radial from VOR - DME from VOR - Altitude passing). Get some extra fuel (30 mins fuel is a good estimate) as you might need to enter one of the published holdings till your turn to approach comes. For the aircraft unable to execute
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