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  1. What if you double-click it? At least that's the way works in the Radio Messages window inside XPL.
  2. Hi everyone, today I flew on VATSIM for the first time since November and immediately noticed some changes. I have noticed there is now a new Radio Message window inside X-Plane. Althought very useful for typing, I am now missing the 'p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ive' old school box that would pop up on the upper part of my screen whenever someone texted on a frequency like this: https://imgur.com/a/jRu3H8w . The only time it would appear was when I was getting the low FPS warning message. Am I missing a setting somewhere or is now the only way to monitor Unicom to keep that big chatbox open at al
  3. I do have Sennheiser PC35 USB headset. It's very light, so I can barely feel it on my head, but the quality is superb. Sennheiser rulezz!
  4. Saitek X52 Pro + Pro Flight Rudder Pedals My schoolmates say I'm crazy that I spent nearly 400$ for a joystick. I had Microsoft Sidewinder 2 before, but I wanted to upgrade .
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