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  1. Hi Anthony, I used to have a NEC Versa S1000 which was 3 years old and had 1,3GHz CPU + 64Mb ATI graphic card and got about 15 FPS with aerosoft heathrow 2008 which was quite good. And now I just bought the Dell inspiron 1520 for 650 pounds , it is 2GHz, Duo core , 256 Mb nvidia graphic and gives constant 30+ FPS which is excellent. i think the most important thing is to look for laptop with a graphic card but not those with on-board graphics or shared graphic memory. any machine with graphic card of more than 128Mb will be good enough for fs9 in general.
  2. Hi all, since terminal 5 will be opening at the end of this month may I ask after the terminal is opened in real life, will BA flights in Vatsim be directed to pull up at terminal 5? Also will there be change in the taxiway system? I am using Aerosoft Heathrow 1.1, could someone please share their thoughts cheers!
  3. oh yeah Ezio, we are on the same boat. For many countries that I have flown to, Germany is certainly the best. Well, I am not saying the others are not good. But German ATC are very kind, professional and patient. Now in order to show my appreciation, I usually start or end my flights in a German airport. Well done!
  4. It is a great idea, certainly it attracts more pilots to fly in the region.
  5. Oh good David, thanks for your help. I feel really bad becoz of this ..... dare not to fly to EGLL ..... and you know what, I was there once and lost my way during taxi and "pixsed" another controller. haha. but thx for ur help of relying my msg.
  6. They do online mostly during 1400z . I have flown there once with RPLL_APP and CTR, both are great!
  7. Sorry, again today 11th Feb 1300Z i flew to EGLL from EBBR as B-MAT. I was under Heathrow director at that moment and I crashed not long after p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing LAM VOR. I went back and wanna say sorry to him coz he has been "pixxed" quite badly by a number of "say agains", and non-replying pilots out there. I did not want his day end up even worse with my crash to desktop. Sorry to Heathrow Director. I found out what caused the problem as I am using Aerosoft Heathrow 2008 there is a known issue of crashing to desktop and I am now upgrrading the scenery hopefully this will not happe
  8. Nate Thank you! I think I have got all my doubts sorted . See u in the US skies. Cheers
  9. Ok guys, thank you for your reply again. You guys are very helpful. I think I have sort out the departure bit, the flying bit I am sure I can handle. Now down to the arrival bit, after touchdown, if the ATC just say "taxi to gate" does it mean gate and taxiway all on own discretion?! And very lastly, if I am told to monitor Ramp XXX.XXXMHz or monitor Tower XXX.XXX MHz, do I suppose to just tune the freq and do nth or I have to announce my intention (eg. XXX is taxiing to RWY xx on taxiway XXX, with you)? Thank you for your time, I am sure your answers will help!
  10. Anthony, thank you for your first reply. I think I now understand how it works in US. Only the push and start is on own discretion and ever other stuff are same as the Europe way, correct?
  11. Hi, I am a regular Europe flyer and I really want to have a taste of the American sky. However, I do not know how the procedure it is on the ground in USA. I dont know if it has been asked or not but i really wanna sort this out before I start my first US flight. The question is, I request clearance at gate and do I need to request push and start clearance from Ground as if in Europe? and also same problem for taxi because I have heard that in US there is ramp controller?! (not sure) and basically one just taxi from gate to a specific point before contacting ground for further taxi instruct
  12. Hi, I dont know if posting this here is appropriate or not but I really want to say sorry to heathrow director who served me on 27th night....my callsign is B-MAT. My flight sim crashed to desktop as I did my final approach and I am sorry if this had confused and upset you. Thanks!
  13. Hi, could you please upload the parking/gate charts for KJFK and KBOS. KATL? I cannot find any detail parking stand charts for these airports. Only aerodrome charts which is detail enough for taxiing on the main taxiways. Thanks
  14. Thanks Travis, so....I think I will have a go tomorrow in America. Thanks for your fast reply
  15. Hi all, first wish you will all have a good Christmas. I am planning to fly in KJFK from CYYZ as my first flight in North America, (I have flown quite a lot around Asia and Europe , i think...) I checked the JFK charts and all the STARs end at a fix and it says on the charts (expect vector to final.) That's fine if there's atc online, how about no atc? what path should I fly to the first point of the ILS from the last STAR point ? direct ? or there is some procedures for this? Also, for the departure, if no atc online fly direct to first waypoint after the climb procedures? many thanks!
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