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  1. Hi Foxy. I did it already. Let`s see ... Gruß Lothar
  2. It`s seems Vroute is frozen today - no movements from Pilots and Controllers
  3. For the near future: Can we expect a model matching with the FLAI- Modelset, like in Vpilot and SWIFT ? Has anybody information for that ? Cheers Lothar
  4. Go ahead............... https://fselite.net/news/vatsim-swift-client-available-in-open-beta/
  5. many thanks to Michal for the rectification and Andy for the information..
  6. Can`t see anything on Vroute. The Homeserver - Homepage- seem down as well
  7. Currently version 0.8.9 is under test. Soon with the 0.9.0 SWIFT will go into public beta. I myself participated in the mapping of the AI fleet (mainly FLAI) and flew many hours online at VATSIM. With P3D.4.4. I can only tell you. You get a nice product for FS9, FSX, P3D and X-Plane. A qualitative leap for VATSIM. Look forward to it. The developers are still working and it will start soon. Lothar
  8. In Vroute and Servinfo since a few days no ATIS content is visible. We think is a protocol problem ?
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