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  1. Hello, I just want to let you know about my newly finished project. I have coded a meteo viewer AMS.3. It is basically a copy of a real system used at LKPR Prague tower. It is capable of presenting airport weather to the controller. My aim was to make this behave at least 99% like the real stuff, and to work with VATSIM well. Just note that the barometric pressure is displayed in hectopascals only, so probably not usable for controllers who use inHg. Technically: it runs under Air Manager app, and it connects to your FSX/P3D/X-Plane as the weather source. It can not display weather from s
  2. Hello, Since ES wiki is down, I have a question: anybody remembers how to transfer simulated airplane from one pseudopilot to another? Example: I am connected as LKPR_APP (Start sweatbox simulator session), loaded a scenario file, and I am pushing traffic DLH123 into the sweatbox. From another computer my friend connects at LKAA_CTR and I want him to be pseudopilot of this traffic for a while. How do I push it to him? When I click the "transfer simulation" option, nothing happens. Another question: if I start another euroscope on my second screen and connect via proxy to the first one,
  3. Hi, when can we expect this beta with corrected sim behaviour to be available? Thank you! Pavel
  4. Hello, imported PDFs (and imported vector graphics in general) does not become "native autocad" by itself. All what import of PDF does is enables you to relate your further objects to it. So you should probably draw a new map by yourself (using autocad drawing tools) above that imported PDF and erase that PDF when you are done drawing. I have not tested this for ESE/SCT development, but came to this import problem when working on other tasks in autocad so I expect that the autocad to SCT converter might be able to work only with Autocad native graphics. Best regards, Pavel Brodsky
  5. Exactly - there is no such a file, so you need to copy it there from wherever your file is. Pavel
  6. Hello, I see you are using that ground radar plugin (vSMR). It has its own ICAO_Airlines.txt file which must be located in the same folder where your vSMR.dll is. The other question: I believe you have to un-check "Transparent detailed TAG background" in your Other SET -> Symbology settings. Best regards, Pavel
  7. Hello, check you this: http://www.euroscope.hu/mediawiki/index.php?title=Scenario_File#Additional_data and learn how to make "object extent" 0 for all of your aircraft in your scenario file (use notepad to edit scenario files directly). Making object extent 0 disables euroscope crash detection. Best regards, Pavel
  8. Now imagine that those dozens of active controllers are controlling their busiest airports and some unknown guy connects at the smallest airport tower on the other side of the globe and starts using his software that would interfere with 80% the busiest division's traffic. Don't you think somebody would .wallop him? Thanks to Craig for investigating, but I am afraid that it will be quite long term project to instruct everybody to update their plugins. Lot of people don't visit forums daily or will not notice at all. But maybe the plugin has automatic update, who knows... Pavel
  9. What should the log file name look like? I am afraid there is no such log either in my APPDATA or in docomeents. Pavel
  10. I think BoG should intervene here as this is clearly a flaw in vatsim protocol. Maybe the protocol could be hotfixed or clients using this plugin be automatically kicked? This is potentially huge problem. Anybody from BoG here? Pavel
  11. Pierre, do I need to change anything in my old json file? When I just exchange the latest DLL in my Euroscope, I have euroscope crash when trying to close it. When I started .smr log I received no log file. Where should I look for it? Pavel
  12. Even, do you have any recommended receiver, preferably from ebay? I would like to give it a try... Pavel
  13. Hello, I have just discovered a small bug - I connected a sim scenario to Sweatbox from my euroscope, started a second Euroscope on my second monitor. Then I started proxy server in the first one, and used Connect to VATSIM via proxy from the second one. Everything looked as normal (I use this setup for my VATSIM controlling all the times), but I could only control the simulated planes from the primary ES. The secondary ES had no effect on them (change of heading, altitude...). Pavel
  14. According my knowledge, MSAW warnings are intended to indicate an aircraft is descending below the coverage of radar. In areas where you provide radar services, also no airway minimum should be lower. Otherwise you won't provide radar service in this area anyway and therefore not define a MSAW area. I would also restrict the warning to IFR aircraft not cleared for an approach and [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned to the current controller. Not agree... Check following charts, example from Czech AIP, LKMT airport. STAR chart: http://lis.rlp.cz/ais_data/aip/data/valid/a2-mt-star22n.pdf Mini
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