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  1. Roooooobbbbb! How's working from home and not having to drive all that way every day?
  2. Returning to VATSIM after some time away. Brought the Queen out for a flight from Tokyo to Kai Tak.
  3. It's almost like this is covered in the code of conduct or something.
  4. They normally post a NAT track for people who don’t have a booking. Use that one.
  5. Jim Davey


    Not often I see anyone else flying into ADW, so when I saw A1001 inbound, I loaded up a quick flight from Wilmington, DE.
  6. Really do wish PosReps would just be done by text.
  7. Because VATSIM is a training environment, not a free-for-all, and it follows actual regulations when applicable? 14 CFR 91.821 - Civil supersonic airplanes: Noise limits. "Except for Concorde airplanes having flight time before January 1, 1980, no person may operate in the United States, a civil supersonic airplane that does not comply with Stage 2 noise limits of part 36 in effect on October 13, 1977, using applicable trade-off provisions." Or, we could go with 14 CFR 91.817 - Civil aircraft sonic boom "(a) No person may operate a civil aircraft in the United States at a true flight Mach
  8. In honor of the clutching of pearls seen here, I may drop my Barcelona slot and fly out of Gawick instead.
  9. Go ahead and pull this nonsense online. Then come crying on the forums when the founders ban ALL military aircraft from the network. I was there on SATCO and at the start of VATSIM, and can tell you that was a distinct possibility because of foolishness like this proposal. The SOA was created to prevent that from happening. Or go be a fool, and ruin it for everyone because you wanted your two minutes of fun.
  10. Is there a site that has any helicopter specific charts for Wuropean countries? I am aware of the London helicopter route charts on the UK AIP site, but browsing the VATSIM Germany site (for example), I'm not sure where I would start looking. Thanks!
  11. This comment here is what does it for me, and why I quit controlling several years ago. I was trying to get on with the DC ARTCC (while already a C1, with 85 hours of controlling to that point, in addition to time mentoring other controllers), and their "open book" tests included some information that wasn't to be found ANYWHERE on the VATUSA or DC ARTCC web sites. When I challenged it, I was ignored. This current event leads me to believe the "sweep it under the rug" mentality of ignoring what is blatantly wrong if it involves change or doing "the right thing" is more wide-spread across at
  12. Great Caesars Ghost! To me, and the other friends that were flying with me from DEN to ATL, it was a great experience. Instead of having the "congo line", you had traffic going every which direction. It added an element of "unpredictability" to the event, unlike a "follow the leader" event. Can it be that some people actually enjoyed something new on VATSIM?
  13. Agreed Ian. Stephen, the problem with looking up these "real" flight plans is: A) They're not the actual route flown probably 50% or more of the time B) VATSIM has worked out ways to make the system work with the limited staffing that are available. You want realistic? Spend your $79 for your intro flight and take it from there... Otherwise, stop whining and just accept the fact that occasionally it's not all about you, it's about what works with the resources available.
  14. I have to chuckle at the original post (and follow up whining). Reroutes are a fact of real world aviation. Example from yesterday, IFR from ILG to FDK. Filed routing was direct DQO (Dupont, on the field) V166 EMI, direct (EMI transition on the FDK ILS 23 approach). Clearance received on the ground holding short ready to go (mind you, I had a 5 second "Prepare to copy") "Skyhawk xxxx, hold short runway 1 at taxiway ALPHA. Cleared to FDK, on departure turn left 330 vectors to V166 to BELAY, V378 to Baltimore (BAL), direct Frederick (FDK) maintain 2000, expect 6000 in 1-0 minutes, departure
  15. Like they "modernized" the FSS, right? 55 minutes on hold the other day for a briefing, only to have a briefer from California that hadn't a clue about DC area airspace... I had to tell him where to look for my needed information...
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