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  1. And Austin, welcome to ZLA down here, hope you enjoy yourself!
  2. Whew that was indeed a LOT of VFR tragets for that airspace! Saw all of you guys inbound to GCN on Vatspy so I had to plug in. Very well done! Mark
  3. The *Cough* Stratosphere visual is one of the more intresting approaches, especially when your say in a 757 or something that can handle 19R and parking at atlantic, you get a nice view of the town. Mark
  4. Hey, dont worry about it! Just relax, enjoy yourself here and WELCOME!! If you need any help in paticular, feel free to PM me! Mark
  5. Hey, we were all new once, cut the poor guy some slack!
  6. Hey Bo, does the KC-135 have a fuel dump system or do they use the drougue to dump it?
  7. Thats what we all figured... we were night owls last night about 00:00 local
  8. Yay probably... or baby chewed up his Cat 5 cable...
  9. Hey ZLA folks, I cant get on to TS, the forums or the main page. Can anyone?
  10. Currently up and running thanks so much!!!
  11. Thats not a big problem for me (i've been off the scopes for a mont so kinda desperate). Otherwise I shouldnt have too much of a problem?
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