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  1. To cut a long story short, I've had to reformat my drive and have reloaded FS9 as well as swift. Prior to this, I solved connection problems by ensuring both FS9 and Swift were run as Administrator - which I did this time. Not a sausage! I even tried to connect manually through the multiplayer section of the "Flights" menu. Swift appeared, I "joined" and it appeared to connect. No such luck. No "sim" light on swift, and not able to connect other than as an observer. Plus, I keep getting a "Closing FSUIPC" message. I reiterate that both are being run as an administrator. The multi
  2. Thank you. Both are working now - both as administrator. It would be nice for a future upgrade for TCAS information be passed to FS9 as Squawkbox did. Just a small request please.
  3. Yes all is up to date with the latest version. Swift is not run as administrator but FS9 is. Will let you know once if it works run as administrator.
  4. Hi. I have the latest 32-Bit Swift version installed. Sadly, when it starts up, I get a "FSUIPC Not Connected - IPC Sendmessage Failed All Retries" message at the bottom and Swift just will not connect to FS9. I have even tried to connect through the FS9 "Multiplayer" selection, but no joy. Unfortunately I cannot play on Vatsim until this issue is solved. Any ideas?
  5. Sadly, I am bowing out of Vatsim. I appreciate the hard work that goes into Vatsim and the time/effort required for the software etc. However, I am not upgrading FS9 to another Sim. FS9 works perfectly well for me and the other software that works with it won't work on other sims. So, rather than spend lots of money on updated - I will keep FS9. Sadly, I can't get on with Swift. Squawkbox - whilst I know what others may say - was simple. Easy to use, connected everything I needed and as well as TCAS, also connected FS Nav which was great. Sadly, Swift does neither of those two, and I n
  6. It would also be nice if the transmit button worked when Swift wasn't on top. Makes it interesting responding to a call and setting required ALT and HDG at the same time. If Swift was designed because the code for Squawkbox etc couldn't be found, surely the makers of Swift could have designed it as a Module rather than stand alone?
  7. Andreas - thank you for your reply. I appreciate the software is free, as I appreciate all those who give up there time to run Vatsim for free too. However, my comment on disappointment was this: Squawkbox3 was easy to install, very easy to set up, worked well and TCAS worked. Swift was complicated to set up, not as easy to use and TCAS doesn’t work. If Squawkbox didn’t work on the new servers then tweak Squawkbox. I do not like Swift. It is over complicated and doesn’t work as well.
  8. Yes, I am an old duffer who still uses FS9. I have recently changed computers. Loaded FS( and shocked to see Squawk-box isn't working anymore. So, downloaded swift. After setting it up , used it for a while but noted that the TCAS traffic wasn't displaying. Traffic showed on the Swift radar screen, and I could even see the other players "out of the window" at various airfields and airborne with the various tags. is there a way to set swift so that the various TCAS gauges i have - including PMDG - can actually work? Everything used to work with Squawk box, including FSNav mult
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