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  1. Hi Lennart, Not wishing to start a m[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ive debate here but:- I know the examples in the PRC show the FP to include SID's and STAR's and not being a RW pilot I am confused why the FAA docomeent http://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/publications/ATPubs/AIM/AIM_Basic_2-14-08.pdf section 5-1-8 does not give SID's & STARs in the examples but goes on to say that SID's and STARs may be issued by ATC as appropriate. I may be missing something though ?? Best regards Graham
  2. Hi Karl, You could always update the standard GPS data base. viewtopic.php?f=28&t=30992 The fixes you are missing will now be present in the GPS. If you don't use the GPS - entering the fix in the direct-to window will give you the required information for entry into your FMC. Hope that is of some help. Best regards Graham
  3. Hi Duane, You do not need to file a specific departure or arrival. Just file the enroute part of the flight plan, ATC will allocate you an appropriate departure which will take you to your 1st en-route waypoint. The same goes for the arrival, the last en-route waypoint will be used by ATC to allocate the correct arrival procedure. It is not possible to know in advance which runway is in use since weather has a nasty habit of changing when you least expect it. Don't know which airports you fly out of - but have a look at the departure procedures (SIDs) you will usualy s
  4. Hi everyone, Great event. Realy enjoyed flying and was nice to have ATC at Aberdeen for a change. Thanks Ross - excellent service. Thanks to all the ATC guys and pilots involved. Best regards Graham BTW- Aberdeen is my home Airport.
  5. Hi Craig, Check out this thread http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=27072&highlight= You do not state which aircraft you are having the problem with - but if the aircraft is the default 777 or 747 then have a look for the hot key for PITOT heat in the knee board. The de-ice function is for de-icing the wing leading edges (as far as I know). I don't know if there is a way to totaly disable icing. Hope it is of some help Best regards Graham
  6. Hi Julian, Sounds like a drive failure. Have you moved your PC lately and perhaps knocked it. It is possible that one of the drives ribbon cable has become dislodged. If you are confident enough - you can open the case and just check the ribbon cables at the rear of the drives and the end that goes onto the motherboard. Just ensure they are fully pressed home. If yes - and you have access to a voltmeter you can check the power supply to the drives. If memory serves correctly the Yellow to Black should measure 12volts and red to black 5 volts. If this is OK disconnected th
  7. Hi Shawn, Not sure what FS or aircraft your using (default or add-on). If it is FS9 (FS2004) default aircraft try pressing {shift+h} to switch on the PITOT heater. Not sure but the PITOT heat does not seem to be linked to the de-ice function. Worth a try. There is no warning light or individual switch for this so just press this once before take off. (pressing it a second time switches it off). Have a look at the aircraft commands on the knee board. BTW:- all the other fs9 aircraft I have tried have a PITOT heat switch but not the 777 or 747. At least I couldn't find on
  8. Hi Iftikaar, You could also update the FS2004 database. Have a look at this thread (particuarly towards the end) http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=18493&highlight= From my website you can include in the FS2004 the latest waypoint from AIRAC 03/04 or later and for the entire world in one easy to load file FREE OF CHARGE. The GPS will then allow manual entry of waypoint from a RW (vroute) flight plan. Also handy if you are given a 'Route Direct' instuction from ATC to a waypoint not on your flight plan. Go on - get Vroute it is great !!!! Hope this helps.
  9. Hi Bill, Just testing to see if you'd notice my deliberate mistake Regards Graham
  10. Hi Paul and welcome to vatsim - be prepared to become hooked. When you are at an airfield with no controllers on line - you can still fly. Tune your radio to 122.80 (unicom). On this frequency you announce your intentions via text. You don't have to state everything. If you see other traffic at the airfield be aware of there positions and announce push back - taxi etc. Prior to departing hold short of the runway and announce you departure intentions. If no one responds after say 30 seconds you can [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume that no one is on approach so enter the runway and take off.
  11. Hi Ashlee, I am happy to hear you got it sorted. I see you had about 36 minutes online - so clearly you are getting connected to the server OK. Have you managed to figure out how to tune to ATC yet ? Regards Graham
  12. Yes Aslee - I understand exactly what you are saying. Modules Folder in flight sim is standard and it is where SB3 should be installed if correctly installed. Once the SB3set.exe file is run - SB3 registers itself to FS2004 then the modules option will be dispayed on flight sim, Have a look in this folder - you should see files for FSUIPC and 2 files starting with the letters SB--------- If they are there the the modules option should be available if the files are not there then the installation has not been carried out by running SB3setup.exe or it has been done with error
  13. Ashlee, how do you know SB3 works if you cant find modules - you are not running SB3 before starting your flight sim are you. Have you followed the instructions manual exactly ??? Graham
  14. Ashlee, The instructions I pointed you to show where to find the MODULES option. Regards Graham
  15. Hi Ashley, SB3 works fine for FS2004, I don't know why it is not working for you. When you say you installed it - you unzipped the file then double clicked the SB3setup.exe file you should have seen an instalation progress bar. And SB3 should be in the windows program list (from the start button) If it installed correctly it should work. I take it there were no error messages during the installation. I also take it that it is SB 3.1 you downloaded. If everything is correct then I can only suggest that you uninstal SB3 and try to instal it again following the instruction
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