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  1. Hey Ross, no. Not yet. I’ve been having way too much fun on VATSIM these days to go bug hunting 🤣. I also wanted to make sure it still happens. It still does, but now after paying special attention it seems less so. But I will try it out this month and report back before the end of the month.
  2. I will try that and see Ross. I’ll pop back in when I do. Thanks 👍🏼
  3. Ross, the only thing I installed more or less in that timeframe was ORBX Global Vector. P3Dv5. Which doesn’t change elevation I believe. I could backup and delete my scenery indexes and go stand in the corner of a busy airport to see if it’s related to scenery add-ons. Do you think that would help?
  4. For me it is P3D v5 and as well for the streamer. Which of course doesn't answer your question. The only time I am sure is when we fly together. We both use P3Dv5. And every time I stop to see him land, I see the behavior.
  5. I am using P3Dv5. Mate of mine I regularly fly online way, and a popular British Twitch streamer have the same thing. Normal Approach - 50 feet - Instantly on ground (with landing smoke) - Instantly back to it's original height - Onwards to the traffic's landing (with second smoke at the traffic's true T/D)
  6. Hello, not sure where to report this as I don't know where the problem lies yet. Since the last 3 or 4 months now I have noticed that ALL online traffic around me have this weird behavior when landing. AT around 50' above the runway, the model slams down to runway elevation and immediately back up to where the airplane actually is. The rest continues normally. Has anyone noticed this? Any idea where to start troubleshooting?
  7. The ISP over here interferes with IP's with any sort of voice I believe. So in our case, the VPN bypasses this, and since it is not used to abuse local rules it's not illegal. Furthermore, you don't need blazing speeds for VATSIM data so it really helped.
  8. Man !, I feel relieved in knowing I'm not the only one. Bittersweet. I can attest as a VERY active simmer that for me at least it IS traffic/ATC connections related. Sydney was the single good performing server after the UAE servers spun down. I am now stuck on Singapore. The only way I can connect is if there 1, maybe 2 other instances ATC or traffic around. Any more and it will time out. You can see it sometimes try and load traffic, and ATC will pop up, and suddenly .... boom. Disconnected. I have been battling this for the longest time. Restarting the router or not, if there are other
  9. So I still have the same problems whenever the airspace is busy with controllers and ATC. I get bumped off no matter what server I try. I have attached my debug if it helps. Error 10060 is the recurring error. Is there anything I can try? I have read somewhere about certain routers or ISP's timing out connections if no data is received after a certain time? Forgot to mention that this happens in both a networked and local setup. Any help would be appreciated. Steps already performed are: 1. vPilot allowed in Windows Security on both PC's (server and client) 2. Opened ports 3290/3291 on th
  10. Hi, I have been having this issue for quite a while on and off. vPilot just bugs out (disconnects) if there’s too much traffic. I live in Dubai and I know they are notorious for monitoring the internet through their ISP’s. I have just finished flying and have set static IP’s for my host and remote PC’s as well as the previously mentioned port forwarding. That, together with the Windows 10 allow an app settings and fingers crossed it’ll be better next time. The router is a DIR-850L. There is no mention of firewall on its info sticker. The firewall setting in setup only refers to filter
  11. Thank you. Fingers crossed ...
  12. Hello guys, since forever I have been having issues logging in to vPilot when the are a lot of people connected. Basically when flying in tje weekend out of EGLL it is offline because I constantly get error 10060. So I read up a bit and it seems setting up port forwarding and Static IP address seems like a possible fix. As of now I have vPilot as an allowed app in Win 10 x64 on both private and public networks. But delving deeper into network settings was my last option since even though I am tech savvy, networking seems like freaking black magic to me. So my question is; In my UAE Eti
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