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  1. Our policy is to explicitly assign VFR squawk to VFR tracks and Mode-S squawk to Mode-S tracks. The VFR tracks could stay with no code, as the controller can manually set a discrete SSR from the discrete VFR pool.
  2. We're experiencing a different METAR issue with ES. It seems that ES at random downloads a random morning METAR (for example it can download a 0600Z METAR at 1910Z) then after a few minutes it downloads the proper message. It messes with the automatic ATIS generation, unfortunately.
  3. Hi, Is there a way to change the non-discrete codes for VFR and Mode-S aircraft? I've changed the symbols for the new codes, but once someone allocates one of those codes, vatSys raises an error. Secondly, is there a way to allocate those non-descrete codes to aircraft? We extensively use Mode-S identification so it's common for AC to fly with non-discrete SSR codes.
  4. I'm running a Matlab script that converts coordinates from ESRI Shapefiles into ISO strings 😄
  5. Thank you, So, given the example of N, S and DIR, the best approach IMO would be to define 4 sectors. One for N, one for S, and two for DIR. It it possible for a sector to be automatically "taken away"? Say S is logged on with all 4 sectors turned on and N logs in. Can N automatically "take away" his sector from S or do S has to change his configuration of sectors manually?
  6. Hi, a minor feature request that may aid facility engineers while working on the profiles. Would it be possible to add a dev key command to copy coordines of a point pointed in space to clipboard in ISO 6709 format?
  7. Hello, I'm trying to wrap my head around the concept of sector ownership in vatSys. If I understand correctly, each position can have multiple sectors connected to it and each sector consists of volumes limited by vertical limits defined in attributes and given boundaries. So far so good. Do I get it correctly, that Responsible sectors are the sectors that can be linked with the defined sector i.e. CTRs of airfields below the TMA? How do i tackle the issue of having multiple controllers sharing a sector depending on the configuration of TMA? Let's say that the TMA is divide
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