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  1. my 2 cents: I'd like to see this be added (or perhaps have 1200 display as VFR by default in addition to the defined subset)
  2. For an ever so fleeting second I thought to myself "you're in there somewhere, you should find yourself." But then it occurred to me that I already know what I look like and it would be a terrible bit of work finding myself in all that. . .
  3. Every flight I fly I export the progress card and FSX. For the second export, just uncheck the box that tells it to book it.
  4. I've been trying to make a habit of booking my ATC even when I just get on randomly. This way the pilots can get a heads up about when I plan on getting off and I don't feel as bad when I drop a bunch of aircraft. I definitely think that over time, Vroute will have a positive impact on traffic levels.
  5. Are you sure about MIP3? I'm pretty sure thats the Milton VOR. I agree that something should be done to accommodate SIDs and STARs that are not [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociated with a fix. If you want the route database to be "up to date" I'm glad to see you take the first step in getting it there. While I think its a great idea for controllers to get on and post routes for their airports, Michal clearly envisions a database where everyone contributes. Again, glad to see you've started helping with that
  6. The FAA redid their site. Or I should say, they are in the process of redoing their site. Some of the old information is still available but not at the old links. Some of it has disappeared entirely.
  7. It means that when you graduate you will remain an S1. However, you will have already received most of the training for Tower so it shouldn't take very long at all to receive your S3 once you're at an ARTCC. In the past, you would receive your S3 rating but when you got to the ARTCC you'd still have some training to do on TWR before you could actually be checked out on it (for most ARTCCs). This way makes more sense in addition to complying to VATSIM policy.
  8. sounds to me like you left out the 2 in V282 when you tried to enter it
  9. so... MEM_E_CTR: Closing at 2145z is acceptable...but... MEM_E_CTR: Closing in 5 is not. I like it. Good work, sir! (though I'm sure we'll still continue fighting about it for like 6 pages...but what else are we gonna spend our time doing? fight about VATNA policy? pfft...that was so last week)
  10. Perhaps his point was that if we act like whiny children, the he will treat us that way?
  11. Thanks Matt! I look forward to reading our new policy on this tonight.
  12. While we wait for the upcoming policy, could I ask you to show me where it is stated so clearly that the ATC Channel usage is prohibited. I simply am not finding such a statement anywhere. If you have found such a policy, please quote the reference so we may put this discussion to rest and we have a CLEAR answer. I thank you in advance for your [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance in researching this information to aid our fellow users. Regards, J. Jason Vodnansky The division policies for VATUSA are clearly displayed on the website. You of all people know full well how to access d
  13. The VATUSA division policy about the ATC channel currently prohibits its use pretty clearly except in "extreme emergencies". That policy will probably change in the next few weeks as the new VATUSA1 comes in. This isn't difficult, but certainly seems to be a favorite forum topic.
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