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  1. Is there a place for general-aviation aircraft to park at Heathrow (bizjets and smaller private or corporate aircraft)? I can't see anything marked as such on the airport diagram.
  2. Here's a free FAA course on the specifics of the SFRA, which may come in handy. Check it out quickly, as Kyle might delete this post soon (he apparently believes that it's not my place to try to help anyone): FAA link removed - KWR 810181 It only requires a few minutes. Apparently if you are a RW pilot you can also get WINGS credit for taking it. Here is the VATSIM NY ARTCC link to the correct information - KWR http://www.nyartcc.org/bigapple/showthread.php?7816-MBI-New-York-Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]-B-Airspace-Hudson-River-and-East-River-Exclusion-and-Special-Flight-Rules-Area-SF
  3. Try adjusting gamma, too, that can make a big difference in the way lights and darks are handled. I found a nice page with some test images that you can use to help adjust your monitor: http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/
  4. I think that's just a fortuitous effect of the polarization of the LCDs, which causes them to show light and dark areas at low image brightness levels when viewed obliquely. I've seen the same thing on monitors. If the image is dark with only some differents in gray level, sometimes you can see the differences from very unusual angles. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to help for other images (like instruments or things like that), and it's usually just light and dark, no color information. Be wary of monitors that advertise "dynamic contrast," too. That often means that the backlight is set
  5. They were. Advancing flat-panel technology has relegated CRT monitors to niche markets now. Flat panels are sufficient for all but the most demanding applications. CRTs are still used for some things, such as precise photo editing and publishing, where calibrated visual depictions must match printed results as closely as possible. Even that is being eroded by flat panels rapidly (not sure of the current state of the art, as I haven't been keeping up on the high end of the market lately). Much depends on the quality of the flat panel. If you got one on sale, I presume it's not a $3000
  6. Is there a direct link to the calendar page on the VATUSA home page? I can't find one. If there isn't, would it be possible to put one there? It would make it easier to check the calendar to see what events are coming up on specific dates.
  7. After restarting ServInfo several times over the course of a half hour, it finally reappeared. Very strange.
  8. On ServInfo, KZAB is no longer recognized by name (when I try to enter it for a country button), and Albuquerque is no longer on the drop-down list of ARTCCs, although it's still on the map. What happened?
  9. Start up Flight Simulator, move your airplane to a gate at the airport from which you intend to depart, connect to the network, and contact ATC if ATC is online. For an airliner departing IFR, you'll contact Clearance Delivery first. If that controller isn't online, contact Ground. If he's not online, contact Tower, Approach/Departure, or Center, in that order. If no ATC is online, just announce your intentions, taxi out to the active runway, and depart.
  10. It means that you have two hours in which to start the flight. If you wait more than two hours before starting your flight, the flight plan will be erased.
  11. All versions of MSFS are CPU-bound. It's better to upgrade the CPU than the graphics card, and a dual-core with a fast clock is preferable to a quad-core with a slower clock.
  12. Since this registration requirement has no real-world parallel, I think I'll p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] on this event—I'm too much of a realism junkie. The real-world registration is simply an IFR flight plan. Even MITRE events allow "unregistered" flights. It is true that some airports allocate a limited number of slots to flights, but that is specific to a small handful of extremely busy airports, not a general rule. And I can't imagine any airport on VATSIM running out of gates. So allocating slots has a real-world parallel, but that's different from the registration requirement here,
  13. Does the real world require time slots and advance registration for all IFR flights? If not, then why VATSIM?
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