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  1. Goes for me as well. Had it for a while. I'm sure, like Billy has mentioned, if I had done anything to get banned the division's DCRM would have sent out an email. Am right? Is broke. Simple as. As I said, I know I'm banned. Simple as.
  2. I get that message too. I'm sure it's because I'm banned but it was very unprofessional of the division that I didn't get an e-mail.
  3. IIRC, easyJet took an Indian Curry resturant to court because they were called "easy curry". I strongly suggest you avoid easyjet virtual!
  4. I have one of those, where I live there are very in Tenerife also. But on this one occasion, where the power cut for about a second it didn't save me.
  5. The worst is when it only cuts for 10 seconds but it may aswell be 2 hours. A powercut is a power cut!
  6. Fantastic! Thanks, Norman. I know I couldn't control without Euroscope.
  7. Hello, I am thinking about installing the new Windows 7. Is Euroscope compatible? I am guessing it is but I'd like to be sure. Thanks.
  8. Thanks guys! Gergely, thanks for that. I thought it was already there but I couldn't find it but it was right in front of me. Thanks for that!
  9. Hey guys, Recently when I have been vectoring aircraft I have found it quite tricky to judge the aircrafts turn radius becuase the history tail isn't long enough. I was wondering in the next version if it can be extended a little or maybe adjustable to users preference. It would also be a nice feature to be able to change the colour of the history tail. I think these two have been requested before but when I last read it there wasn't a reply and I cannot find the thread now. Secondly, I really like the feature that standby aircraft in the air have a different tag but would it be possib
  10. I installed all that I need but when I start up FSX I get an error saying that simconnect.dll isn't found. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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