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  1. My old XP computer recently died so I purchased a new Asus with windows 8.1. Cannot load it..... comes up with a 1603 error. Help please
  2. S'orright!...solved the problem myself. I uninstalled UTX, did a "repair" on FSX (disc ! option), ran RegCure, ran CCleaner, did a defrag then rebooted. All fixed!
  3. Vista,32bit nvidia 460, 4GB RAM, FSX+Accel,SP2. After recent computer crash, reloaded FSX + Accel and its working OK, except that in some areas lakes and oceans are showing land..... no water. Around Australia I can see water/lakes but not in Europe nor USA
  4. FSX plus/FSInn/FSRecorder/Vista/9800GTX card. I have successfully recorded some interesting aerobatic flights using FSRecorder and now wish to upload these for general viewing.... but, no idea how to do this. Is there a tutorial available please?
  5. FSX all SP's & Acc/Vista/FSInn/all Orbx/Kapersky protection. Have changed/added to aircraft.cfg files with no probs for several years. Now when I save a new version, I get a message saying cannot create file C:/Program Files....etc. Make sure path is correct! Of course its correct! So, I tried a "Save as..." still no go This is a new one for me.... any clues please?
  6. Groan number 2677.....on my laptop (Acer with XP with 9600 card) I have FSX Gold with Accel. Now for ages I have been turning on both lights and smoke from the keyboard using 'L' and 'I'....no probs. Suddenly my machine has decided it does not want to do that anymore! The settings are correctly there in "Options, settings" and yet amazingly "G' still works for the gear! Something silly and simple isn't it..... but what? I have no Yoke/Joystick settings for these functions....I did try to set a button for smoke but that didn't work either so dumped that idea. I even clicked on the smoke b
  7. Thanks Steve, but I deleted my Acrobat vers.9 and installed vers.8 but it made no difference. I tried copying "clean" .air files from another computer but as soon as they get to the laptop... bingo... they die.
  8. Have just loaded a new Acer laptop (XP) with FSX Gold with Accelerator. It works fine, good graphics etc but I only get one version of every aircraft. I have FSX on a desktop also but that is 100% ok with all liveries shown. Comparing the two, I note that the .air files are different, those on the laptop seeming to be corrupt. I have tried copying aircraft from my desktop to the laptop but in the process the .air files seem to die.... so I never get all the liveries. The aircraft.cfg files are normal showing all variations but I only get one! Is there a fix for this weird problem please?
  9. I have recently purchased an Acer laptop, 2.5, dual-core, 3gb Ram and a 9300 card to use only for FSX demos and training...nothing else. I have been a FltSimmer since 1996 and now teach beginners how to use it. I have FSX Gold with Acceleration and when attempting to install, the first disc loaded fine but the second disc would not load at all. Eventually I was able to open disc 2 but when loaded, only one aircraft of each type was displayed. I also noticed that there was no aircraft.cfg file against any of them. I was able to "fly" those single aircraft but I need all the other options and l
  10. Hi Andrew. If you haven't already got it.....get SERVINFO which is a freebie. That will show you where ATC controllers are busy with traffic. Just go to that airport making sure you park at the terminal (its a capital offence to park on a runway/taxiway). Tune your COM1 radio to the Tower frequency and just listen in....then if confident, submit a flightplan for simple circuits and talk to the Tower as per PRC instructions.
  11. I run FSX with all the updates, Vista Ultimate, 4GB RAM and a 9800GTX card. It runs well. Today's problem is that in some of my freebie download a/c the cockpit windows appear opaque....ie, covered, in the VC view. I have had this problem before with some payware a/c and the developers put out fixes which worked. Does anyone know of a general fix for this? Or why it happens in some a/c & not others? One day we'll all get it running perfectly....or will we?
  12. Thanks Luke. OK so how do I convert those a/c to 32 bit to allow them to be seen? Love your signature line. Johnno
  13. I run FSX on a good Vista Ultimate machine with a 9800 GTX card and it runs well but with a FR of around 10-14.....which is OK usually. Now in the Options/Settings/Scenery there is a box titled "Sample DX10" If I tick this box then restart, the frame rate increases but almost every aircraft loses its livery and becomes a bright white ghost like apparition in the spot plave view. As I have Vista Ult I believe that includes DX10 anyway.....so .....why is that box there and why does it stuff the a/c graphics when activated? Theres always something isn't there? Regards, Johnn0
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