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  1. The only thing unique to members on VATSIM is your CID (Cert ID). Callsigns are fair game.
  2. This is something that has been offered within VATUSA (personally, by me, while I was the Data Services Manager of VATUSA), very few even acknowledge the offer. And any attempts to force it will be met with fierce resistance. Some people get a great amount of joy out of developing but don't necessarily want to work outside of their group of friends and colleagues (FIR/ARTCC/CCF).
  3. Then that's even further from the truth... Vatsim supporting FS9 had nothing to do with Swift's delays as Swift specifically chose to support it. That's a choice on Swift to try and include members who may not be able to run FSX. in the end, it's entirely on Swift.
  4. P3D isn't an option for many people because they use flight sim for entertainment purposes. And no one is using it as a bargaining tool. For users like me my options are XPlane (which I dislike) and FSX.. that's it. There's no new version to move to.
  5. You pretty much said you'd quit in a recent thread about legacy clients if I'm not mistaken. Let us not twist words here, Randy said that when fsinn was forced off the network, he would be forced off as well. That's not a threat to quit, it's a statement that when support for his setup goes, that's the end for him.
  6. Legacy clients have nothing to do with Swift's progress, or lack of. The closed source client attempts to do too much on too many platforms out of the gate. Rather than building a base, and adding features over time, they opted to do everything from the start. FSINNs use does nothing to change that.
  7. It sounds like $sso isn't being initialized correctly before the $sso->request call, as PHP is telling you $sso isn't an object. Is something like this before your line 234? $sso = new SSO(config('sso.base'), config('sso.key'), config('sso.secret'), config('sso.method'), config('sso.cert'), ['allow_suspended' => false, 'allow_inactive' => false] );
  8. Any updates??? We're a week away from it being in effect, and there is no guidance for divisions, regions and even the sub-divisions here. That gives us very limited time to implement the guidance provided by VATSIM to ensure our systems are compliant without being liable under the new law.
  9. You select facilities (VATUSA is comprised of more than just ARTCCs, there is a CCF which also manages a CERAP, for instance) at the VATUSA website. Movement between them is possible, but there is a 90 day restriction just like transferring between divisions/regions at the VATSIM level. All facility selections are done via the Division, just like with VATEUD, FIR [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignments are done at the division.
  10. I've been controlling rw for just about 10 years and have been flying for the past few... radios online are most definitely far better audio quality-wise unless you encounter a person using a $3 mic... in which case, no codec will fix that.
  11. Why is it people like you and a staff member at that still bury their head in the sand on this topic and continue to tow the party line of "it's not us, it's you", when it come to voice issues. Yes, sometimes it is but not ALL the time. The CODEC is not the problem. The quality of the CODEC is better than RW VHF radio transmission quality. And just like rw, if a pilot has a rubbish headset then they are just as difficult to understand as they are on VATSIM. The issue is not the quality, but rather the latency that is built in to it causing people to step on each other. Ne
  12. If not better. As has been indicated several times, the primary issue with the codec is the built in latency, not the quality.
  13. #1 Michal Rok, CID 814600, is Inactive according to CERT. I question his activity, given that the "API" is so poorly docomeented and using such archaic methods of data entry and "distribution". #2 Why should ATCBooking be the one doing all the work on a closed system with a developer who isn't involved in the network? I'd say your constant pushing to get ATCBooking consider itself secondary to a system by a person that has left VATSIM long ago to be derogatory to the development of ATCBooking and trying to further the spread of a requested feature (pilots requesting controllers book). I'
  14. Maybe, hopefully, vatbook can feed data into this site. It'd be nice to have a decent interface to look at. Why should Shez's project do all the feeding to a closed system with a developer that isn't active?
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