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  1. That's my understanding as well... more or less you have doubled the processing. It was something that was too tasking for my system. I was relieved when the Matrox kicked it all back down.
  2. ... Just as a side note, my performance increased quite a bit when I went from 2 monitors (using both outputs from my graphics card) to the Matrox TripleHead 2 Go. When I was running two monitors only - FPS took a big hit. For what ever reason managing two separate monitors versus one really wide resolution take more effort. I didn't like the seam in the middle. It drove me crazy on final approach. Love my 3H2Go + TrackIR Keep us posted. Benjamin.
  3. Even a simple private channel on FSInn works well. I am not certain how many slots there are but I have had 4-5 guys on a quick private channel and it worked great. Although, too much talking and you can't hear the tower callin' Benjamin.
  4. Good idea guys- One of the best things of flying on Vatsim is flying with other pilots. However, one of the hurdles is actually getting the new guys off the ground. I have been helping a new pilot about every other night (thanks to the smaller airports for the atc support) and find that these new pilots like the small airports with very little traffic. Who could blame them? I was the same way back in the day. With the given group of guys that I have been helping recently we have been kicking around the idea of http://www.FSFlightclub.com. As you can see it's just a place holder fo
  5. Which 3H2Go do you have? My can only run a 3840x1024 (which is what I run at). They are just not releasing a version that will do a widescreen - you must have it. How about a firmware ware update http://www.matrox.com/graphics/en/support/gxm/windows/th2go/digital/howto1/ I see it can be done http://www.matrox.com/graphics/en/products/gxm/th2go/resolution/digital/resolutions.html How about this - have you run the "optimaztion" wizard of the matrox for FSX? This adds the resolutions to your FSX.cfg.
  6. Jeff, are the black portions of the screen stemming from the small FSInn windows or has the entire screen gone black. http:// http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=22441&view=previous&sid=09b7cd6c9ec196dbc772aa0842ae8e40 If it's just the stemming from the windows of FSInn - it's the video driver. Be sure to use clean sweep in safe mode etc. when updating drivers in the event you didn't. A lot of people over look the importance of a correct uninstall of the previous driver (thus nothing really changes). You may already know this - I am just checking. Benjamin
  7. Yeah, that's what I need to do as well. The old Vaio laptop just isn't cutting it any longer... it's too sloooow. I am moving here in a month or so to make room for family addition... which also means that the simulator office room is also expanding. The thing holding me up now is the number of receptacles in the office. I need more power! Benjamin
  8. I think you could do it with a 3H2Go - it's just that you would have to run everything in windowed mode. For me, this has yielded mix results on the FPS. More or less you would have 3 windows (or more) on one wide display. I am not sure you get it to do this with SLI... not sure it would yield a 1,2,3,4 monitor setup. I am pretty sure even when you run SLI you end up with only 2 usable outputs - I am certain of this at all but that's my hunch. It's only the processing power that is utilized. The outputs from the #1 card would be your only options. Perhaps you could use the 2H2Go
  9. That's a tough one. I have both 8800 GTS and 3H2Go.... and only had that problem way back in the day. I would make sure you have done a correct un-install and correct reinstall of the 8800GTS drivers (I am using 175.19). Make sure you are using the current (Beta for a while now...year or so) of FSInn 1.3 and CoPilot 1.7 Knock those two options out and come back... Benjamin
  10. Cool - looking forward to the video / images. Shannon - Yeah, trying to render two view is a FPS hit. Without a monster gpu / cpu you are going to notice. When I had two monitors, I used the second monitor for panels / gauges only. Would 3H2Go be worth it if only 2D... not for FS any way. Productivity... I would say probably not worth the expense to go from 2 to 3 for general applications. It's nice.. but not sure it would be worth the bank. Benjamin
  11. Have you given LogMeIn a try for you RDP? I know it handles multi monitors... The RDP I use here at the office (GotoMyPc) does not handle multi-monitors. Any rate, something to try. It may or may not help given your specific conditions. Personally, I am simply waiting for my powerball boat to sail in and solve my work issues. Benjamin
  12. Sounds great... post a picture of your creation. I have no doubt that it works and works well. I am curious to know how well the tracking is... like what's the speed? Is there any delay..at all? That's pretty cool! Garry - The real estate for working pays itself off in no time... nothing like not having to flip between 10 different applications!
  13. I bought the CH Yoke based on general reviews and the Saitek yoke hadn't released yet. The Saitek pedals looked cool and I like the tension adjustments. So I just went with the Saitek pedals. I have the Saittek X52 Pro HOTAS as well so I knew that the Saitek name would treat me alright. Your head tracking solution is FreeTrack? Do tell... I am always looking for more opinions on the "less expensive" options in comparison to the TrackIR. I need to just build a Freetrack so I can do my own analysis. I know how darn good the TrackIR works with out error and 0 setup so I am always c
  14. Antonio- Thanks - the setup has been rocking. I can't think of anything else I would like to change. I see that Matrox is coming out with a widescreen 3H2Go - which 3x 22" LCDs would have been nice. Regarding the monitor devisions - the matrox 3H2Go make the computer see just 1 monitor - not 3. The resolution that I run at is 3840 x 1024 ... not three separate 1280 x 1024 screens 1, 2 and 3. This is what allows FSX to stretch over the wide aspect - it thinks there is only one monitor. So, if you have two monitors my hunch is that it would run the dualhead 2560 x 1024 (acting as
  15. 1) That beer is so lite in fact it doesn't count. 2) The beauty of simming - 0 hours bottle to throttle... I think (Vatism probably has a rule under section 23092834.23098234 Section A-F Sub-section 230498.2 Parts 1-4 ) Just kidding just kidding.
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