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  1. Could it be used for ATC to post their availabilities (in non-fly-in instances) so pilots that could be looking for ATC (or ATC looking for other ATC to hand off) be actually able to find them? At least pilots won't have to look through dozens of FIRs/ARTCCs to find the ATC slots they want.
  2. It's not a white background either...
  3. The blinking cursor is the only thing I get. Whenever I want to type anything in it, let it be an instruction on text or a .wallop, it just doesn't show up in the chat bar.
  4. Here's the thing: when I try issuing instructions via text to a pilot that is not voice-capable, I am unable to type anything in the "chat bar" at the bottom of the VRC window. This really annoys me when I control flights whose pilots have mic problems. However, when I pilot, I can text on UNICOM just fine.
  5. But if the woman is not among the real-world EgyptAir staff, then the real-world EgyptAir staff seems to appreciate the free advertising.
  6. Hello VATSIM, With the advent of VATPRC, mainland China has the potential to provide the grounds for a new VA to emerge. China Eastern Virtual Airlines, based on the real-world China Eastern, has one goal in mind: connect the bustling People's Republic of China with the rest of the online world. So, if you want to join us, contact us via [email protected] Also, one could choose to pilot CRJ-200s, ERJ145s, MD-90s, B737NGs, A32Xs, A330s and last, but not the least, the Flying Pencil, the A340-600! We also contemplate the use of SimMiles to re-create real-world schedules
  7. I'd be happy to control at Shanghai Pudong or at Beijing Capital (if controlling in PR China gives access to all Chinese TWR positions)...
  8. Unfortunately, it also happened to the two largest mainland China VAs: a China Eastern one who got disbanded about two weeks ago and an Air China one who got disbanded mere days before the Beijing Olympic fly-in was held. However, Royal Jordanian Virtual seems to be functional among the VAs who use the SimMiles system. Can one still try to apply for it? And will EVA Air Virtual use SimMiles like RJA-VA before it?
  9. Just hope the whole event is not just about PRAs!
  10. I have the HCMM add-on. But more adventurous pilots can try and pilot HCMM, cars or no cars. Taking off here is no big deal, but one has to be patient when landing.
  11. For the next VATEG fly-in, I wish I could pilot either from Egypt to HCMM or from HCMM to Egypt. But as HCMM (Mogadishu) just had its first night with ATC tonight (and I expect HCSM airspace, of which HCMM is its primary airport, to staff more in the weeks to follow) so I expect to have charts in handy for that airport. Are they drawn yet?
  12. If only I had the time to build my own VA who would encomp[Mod - Happy Thoughts] every FIR you mentioned (ZSHA, VHHK, ZGZU, WBFC, WMFC, WIIZ, RPHI, RCAA, WSJC), an online-only VA who would fly to destinations in every single of these FIRs and more. The codename of that ambitious project: Trans-Asia Jet (TAJ, radio callsign: Tawdry Jet) And don't forget VVTS! I'm the one most active for the staffing, though I staff at European or North American rush hours... I envisioned booking a S3 ATC exam (I heard that APP is more likely to get extra traffic than TWR, especially inbound)!
  13. When I began to control, my VRC looked like this: Then, I changed sector files to this: But recently, I lost all datatags on my VRC installation, and my cursor looks estranged here: What should I do?
  14. When I have traffic, I end my session with that flight, provided no one else flies into my facility.
  15. What would you do if one breaks his joystick in a tough crosswind landing? (I remember an account from which one broke his joystick in a tough crosswind landing, in KDEN at that). In that situation I would use the keyboard to taxi.
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