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  1. You should give the friends the ip static, and port 30003 With ADSBscope I do not work, for me other ADS-B receiver, address on a forum Users ADSBscope, www.adsbradar.ru in an English-speaking forum, I hope to you help
  2. adsbsope in this version it is possible to directly connect Euroscope
  3. Try the updated software, online www.adsbradar.ru http://forum.adsbradar.ru/downloads.php?do=file&id=74 if you have any questions, the site has an English forum.
  4. Who can help, you need to update the database to connect basestation.sqb
  5. In the settings you need to put Planeplotter server TCP / IP, Next run SBStoFSDproxy, and put IP port 30003, after do this, DATA must arrive at the server, run Euroscope and in Connect dialog, Name Server,
  6. Radarbox was sold, now I use Beast Mode-S .All data from the receiver go without delay to Euroscope in real time . Tell me, where you can download the manual for the plug-in TAAATS
  7. Thanks Even, after setting EASY VATSIM, and at switching-on TAG ASUME, there was message UNHANDLED EXCEPTION IN PLUG-IN TAAATS 2, and turned on ALARM. There can be it the conflict between a plug-in and system?
  8. Connected plug-in TAAATS, shows only squawk and altitude help to solve the problem
  9. I meant that only people who share data adsbhub.net can connect to this server ..
  10. Who shares data on ADSBHub.net can be connected to a server by means of SBStoFSDproxy to download here http://www.radioscanner.ru/files/download/file11653/sbstofsdproxy.rar. Connection on ip Port 30004 You can watch all the planes, which are connected to this server
  11. Is it possible to do so would SBStoFSDproxy Save settings on exit, the address and port. And to do so would be a loss of connection to a source she tried to be a certain period of time to restore it.
  12. Some TAG-s is no type of aircraft, and not sure the type of aircraft. Where on the Internet, you can download the updated database?
  13. It would be good to remove in SBSProxy 5 minutes
  14. I noticed that, after landing a label from the aircraft continues to move, and crosses the entire runway and rolled out beyond the airport
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