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  1. Just a curiousity. Does the NY oceanic listing also cover NY center? I fly out of JFK a bit thought i could use vRoute to see booking for NY traffic. I didnt see a specific listing for KZNY so i wondered if it fell under NY oceanic or not. Thanks. Oh and by the way, Mr. Rok thank you very much for this piece of software. I think alongside serv-info we now have a very comprehensive system for looking up flight routes, checking online activity, and booking flight times in advance. Thank you very much.
  2. You might want to fill out the registration form again. I got nothing for a while, then resubmitted my email, and now im up and running.
  3. The only thing you need to use with FSInn is VATSIM voice. Make sure all other voice clients are disabled.
  4. Yeah i have a Dell XPS as well. Figured we had the same Anti-Virus. Glad i could help.
  5. Its probably a driver in McAfee that is blocking your internet connection. If you have McAfee Virus Protection try this. Click start, click run and type 'regsvr32 /u mclsp.dll' (without quotes) to disable a MCafee adware blocker. Maybe that will help. If it does there is also a way to write an executable file which you can double click before you run FS9 instead of having to type it out. I cant remember how to do it at this moment. If this fix works let me know. Ill try to find the info about ho to make a command out of this.
  6. If your using FSInn you do not need AVC. I dont think you need it for Squawkbox either but im not sure. With FSInn you only need to enable Vatsim voice. Make sure all the other voice clients are off. Make sure you installed co-pilot before FSinn. You clould just try Squawkbox if your using FS9 but it does not have as many features as FSInn. It will however connect you too a voice client. Id come help you but im from NY and i dont think you wanna cover the airfare. I know how you feel. It took me about two weeks to get everything running smoothly. Im kinda new myself but
  7. Lately ive been having alot of graphics related problems. Stutters on the ground, blurries in the air. Not fun. Well today while taxiing out to a rwy and dealing with the usual stutters i realised i hadnt set my destination in FSPax, so i ended the FSPax flight while still in motion and planned to reload the aircraft with p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]engers while holding short of my rwy. Well to my utter disatisfaction i realized that FS9 was running EXTREMELY smoothly. The way it did for me long ago. I say disatisfaction because i honestly felt the program was a little expensive
  8. So after installing Ultimate Terrain i am getting alot of chunk of blurry terrain. I have scoured the internet to try and find a fix and have tried everything. Does anyone on this forum have any advice? If not i understand. This seems to be a huge issue with FS9 from what i read on the net. Im bummed cuz its making me very frustrated with Flight Simulator and i dont wanna be. Anyway if anyone has anything, thanks.
  9. ^^^ I saw something in the UT forums about a bgl file constantly requesting some effects file and that caused a memory leak... ...or something. I think someone had posted a way to fix it but i didnt look into it too much because i was searching for a way to fix 'the blurries'.
  10. Yes Ultimate Terrain is DEFINATELY worth the money. No hit on my framerates, the night lighting is truly awesome. The only problem i encountered was the 'flickering lights' issue which prompted me to update my video driver. The prob is still there but it is very minimal. Its cool being able to fly over Albany and show my wife the street we live on. Good stuff. Early x-mas present to me, from me.
  11. Awesome. Well my machine does have a gig of RAM. I just finished installing UT and running the Config program. Here goes nuthin.
  12. Here goes nuthin. Downloading UT right now. Havent paid for it yet though. Does anyone know if this will kill my framerates?
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