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  1. I had a similar issue, never received an email of p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word change! I ended up going to forgotten p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word as I couldn't access forums either. I will now follow process to change p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word as well as recommended.
  2. I'll be on TWR tonight, getting a refresher session to get my validation. Some traffic would be appreciated!
  3. Hey guys, if anyone wants to do an inter-island or an oceanic, I am online at HNL at the moment...however only on GND. II don't think I'll be offline anytime soon, hoping to stay on till 1900z
  4. Busy Honolulu Just had a call from the FedEx inbound, missed a few outbounds by half hour
  5. wasn't this is the Essex forums too... Hope This Helps Oh and Bill I trust Northants will be in one piece upon my return in September
  6. Since the pilot feedback and much of the Honolulu ARTCC website doesn't seem to be operational I'd just like to give my thanks to Honolulu's Don Ernst for dealing with me last night at approx. 2300z. I was transferred by HNL_TWR, who I'd also like to thank for speedy responses (despite connection problems), onto HNL_H_CTR (who was FL240+) after departure at 5000ft. I love flying in Hawaii, it's one of few places in the world I have a very soft spot for and everytime I fly I'm usually unable to get ATC as I am GMT and obviously this isn't a good hour for those on the islands. When I do g
  7. Noticed this for a while now, since the update Hawaii time zones have become unavailable, no matter how I attempt to get it to show (as a location or under the FIR/ARTCC selection).
  8. You use the modem you have!!! When flying online join a European server if in Europe. Read the PRC www.vatsim.net/prc
  9. it's beginning to turn into a typical forum like FSW where people bitch (the only good word to use to the occasion) about each other and their photos...i saw it slowly happening and abandoned the screenshot forum as I don't wanna go there...I had it there, it wasn't here before and why should it...people truly are showing their best shots even if they have onboard graphics and they got jaggies everywhere...the idea seemed so great and yes in a way it was needed but now it's lost the inspiration it had
  10. this has happened to me before, my connection was not high enough for VRC to actually pick it up...my ISP decided to have a slow day hows the rest of your net going? speedy as usual or noticeably slow? thats the only sugesstion i have from experience
  11. awesome thanks Michal
  12. Tony Evans

    Honduras :S

    I've searched and read the topics about the issue of Central America and the Caribbean and understand the viewpoint. Now looking through the Caribbean countries listed there may be a few more missing than meets my eye but one in particular missing is Honduras yet all its surrounding countries can be found under the Caribbean heading. There are routes for this country...I added 3 yesterday, 2 international and one national just a suggestion Tony
  13. maybe we could make Gib work somehow with the airspace and knowledge of the handoff areas... Thanks Bill, i'm a little less informed of that, I know about the flying part I see a tonne of them daily but from what i understood was that no-one could control gib until this agreement was made...well at least we got it and should see regular manning...Mr Chris Norman seems to like doing it frequently
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