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  1. Ask and ye shall receive....thanks for the fix Ross. It is appreciated greatly.
  2. Ross, Thanks for the tip on lowering the DPI. I thought I had a work around as I have to set DPI to 125% because of visionproblems. I reset it back to 100% and all the dialog boxes showed up. I configured the settings as I liked, shut down vPilot, reset the DPI back to 125% and restarted vPilot only to find that some of the selection buttons on the main box are now hidden. Will any attempt to correct this situation be made? Thanks for a nice program. Mike
  3. Paul, Unfortunately, the ATI Tools didn't correct the VRC problem. Perahps I didn't use the right settings, if I had to use any special ones at all. IF you use the ATI Tools, what settings do you use that allow VRC to display properly? Thanks for the follow up.
  4. Thanks Paul...I'll see if I can get a copy of those drivers and try it out. Mike
  5. Jacques, Yes, it appears to only be with VRC. I'm using an ATI Radeon X850 with up-to-date drivers. The only thing I have done with my video card is tweak it for FlightSim FS9 using Radeon's ATI Catalyst program. I thought that might be a problem, so I reset it to default values and I still get the same problem. Thanks,
  6. Still looking for some help with the above. Thanks,
  7. After having been away from VRC for awhile, I logged in yesterday to do some controlling. When I did I noticed some of the colors of my [GEO] section obects (coastlines) had stange colors. I double checked the SCT2 file and everything looks good. I actually haven't made any changes to it since the last time I logged in and everything was fine. During the session I noticed that when I received text messages the colors would change again. Very strange. I uninstalled VRC, rebooted and reinstalled. Same situation. Any suggestions on what might be wrong Thanks, Mike
  8. My version of Sweatbox will not let me select sct2 format sector files. Has there been an update to handle this or is there a way around it? Thanks,
  9. I entered a FP from KMCO-KBWI. The Route Details box shows the correct Center name of KZJX in the departure airport box, however the arrival airport box does not have a Center code. Is this correct?
  10. Great works guys. The main obstacle is the obtaining and converting of the lat/lon coordinates. Quite a job. Is there an easier way, such as using the sector files or perhaps the method that Groundmaker or AFCAD use to do this through FSUIPC? What are your recommendations to set up departure scenarios? After setting up two a/c for departure, I realized that they will both be on the runway at the same time at startup. After reading a few of the other posts to the forum, I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume that ACSim is not for Ground/Tower training. Cheers, Mike Nowinski VATCAR
  11. I have recently upgraded to FS9 and since then I constantly have problems connecting with SB2.3. Here are the steps I follow. 1. Start SB Relay 2. Start FS9 3. Connect to FS MP *works fine 4. Start FSHost *works fine 5. Start SB2.3 I can get to the point where it finds the active MP session, but when I try to join, I get an error msg "Squawkbox has encountered a problem and needs to close". In the MS Error dialog, it says App Name: squawkbox.exe, ModName: user32.dll. I end SB and then wait a minute before trying to start it again. Sometimes I must do this 3-4 times before
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