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  1. The last two posts are the first I've EVER read with a positve opinion on Vista. I am just floored.
  2. I dunno man, some really weird has been known to happen with anti-virus (and the like) programs. There are some really strange settings in those things that can do some very bizarre stuff. But it sure wouldn't hurt to blast the barnacles out of it either.
  3. I'm not really sure how it works with controllers but I think that there is some regulation, somewhere that says that people with the lower ranks cannot work tower or ground by themselves for longer than 1/2 hour without incurring the wrath of Baal. Some weirdness about an exam and a stool sample that must be approved by the VFAA or something. This would account for someone logging off in the middle of a landing or app. On the other hand, I have had, or at least I convince myself that I have had, mucho controllers stick around (when I'm the only plane in their space), till I'm safely on the gr
  4. The CIVET and SEAVU have always been two of my fave apps into LAX. Once you get to GRAMM or KONZL (at the proper alt unt schpeed, of course ...gnarf gnarf), the contollers just tell you to descend via the app and you are free to see how close you can get to all those alts, speeds and fixes. Some fun Lucy!!
  5. Ho ho! Last night, I was tryna give Tom Solon some traffic outta KLAS so gave 'em the ol' CIVET5 into LAX. Was on that flight with some guy coming in from New Yawk. I see by ServInfo that he's on the RIIVR1. He gets on the window and asks me what rwy I'm figuring on. Now, this is a guy who reported on UNICOM when he was 140 miles out so I don't wanna mess this up, y'unnerstan. So, I tell him that we are going in on different apps and different rwys and everything should be cool. Heh!!! The only reason it was cool was because he was miles behind me. But me, with my vast resevoir of knowledge,
  6. I'm so proud of all our controllers I'm growing red hair out of my ears.
  7. You gotta do some more testing man. Just one connection doesn't let you know a thing. I have people in different places that sound like they're inside a barrell chewing on rocks and others who you'd swear were sitting right next to you. So, do some more tests before you freak out.
  8. Mine just say SRS on 'em. I went to the Altec site and couldn't find anything that looked exactly like them. I've had them for awhile so it's probably the same deal as with anything else electronic nowdays; they go to some outfit in Taiwan or India or Maylasia or Guatemala and have them build 25000 of some thing or other and then change the design the next week and you can never find the same thing again. Ah, modern life. I was looking for a headset with a mic that had two separate connectors for the mic and phones and Altec has never let me down yet. I got mine at Best Buy here. That's not
  9. I've got a set of Altec Lansings I really can't find fault with.
  10. Good lawd. I read all those. Of the bunch, there's one....and only one.....I could successfuly p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] and that's the KBUR to KLAS one and that, I could do blindfolded, one hand tied behind my back and playing the bagpipes. The other ones? Total failure. Keith wrote that transcript for the Burbank to Vegas flight, didn't he. There's a glaring Keithism in there.
  11. Mildly, huh. Talk someone you know, who has a plane with retracts, into flying with you. Get close up and see if the realism doesn't take a bigger hit. From what I have read on these hallowed forums and others, the SB planes are in a library called VIP (th[Mod - Happy Thoughts] why, when you see another airplane and they have that red lettering close to them, it identifies the plane as VIP something something), and they are designed to keep your framerates from going through the roof of your monitor. Some look pretty good....others look just plane awful. But that's what you get for nuttin' and
  12. #1 of course. But I fly outta Oakland alla time so I know that. I don't fly out of KSMF so I have no idea what I'd do under those circomestances. I betcha that if I were to fly out of there and not contact anybody and was seen, if I should have contacted Norcal App, I'd hear about it real soon. LOL!
  13. You ain't just kiddin' he was busy. Finally, Aaron had mercy and came on as App and took off some of the pressure but till then, the man got tested....and ah dew mean TES-TED! Eugene's really good at what he does but somebody's gotta have some more mercy and get that feller a better microphone.
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