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  1. This is so that you don’t edit your Flightplan without ATC approval after they’ve made changes to it. If in controlled airspace, ask the controller to change it for you. If you’re not actively talking to ATC, or you haven’t received your clearance on the ground yet, the workaround for that is to sign off, then resend the flight plan via the online prefile system, then sign back in. Works every time.
  2. Once ATC has made an adjustment to your flightplan, you can't simply refile to change something. It's essentially locked so that you aren't fighting with a controller on what is in the flightplan. If you've already received a clearance, in the real world, you wouldn't be able to refile afterwards and have something changed on it. From that point, you'd need to request it from ATC. Same thing on the network. Now, let's say you file a flightplan, and BEFORE getting clearance, you notice an error. I have experienced the occasional time where I can't change it despite having not called atc yet
  3. Have you [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned a PTT(Push To Talk) key?
  4. Already on the way it would seem! https://blog.vatsim.net/index.php/posts/a-discussion-on-voice-ctaf Read the bottom.
  5. You thought it would be a good idea to complain about someone on a public forum? Not smart. Because now, the only person being judged is YOU. Use your head. Oh, here’s your link: https://kingston.vatcar.org/cms/index.php/pilots/controller-feedback So how about doing something wise, and edit your post to remove names? Or better yet, remove the entire post as you can now deal with it the RIGHT way?
  6. Firstly, delays are expected with any major event, but Cross the Pond especially. If real world airports dealt with the same amount of traffic as CTP airports receive, you’d receive delays real world too. Believe me. As far as the rest of your post, I think the answer you seek ties into the first half of my post... PATIENCE! Besides, I’m sure there’s more to the story than just being “ignored” by controllers. Not going to sit here and try to convince you to continue flying on VATSIM. If THIS is the thing that upsets you enough to the point of wanting to quit VATSIM entirely... wel
  7. Michal, I think you’re the last one that should be apologizing. I’m sure that 95% of the pilots that you dealt with were just happy to at least have a controller online rather than be sent off to Unicom, which sounds like something some pilots had to deal with. The ones who should be the most sorry are the ones who didn’t show up to do something they volunteered to do. (Without a legit reason) It sounds like you take your duties (VATSIM or not) very seriously... I’m the same way. So I know how you feel. In the end, it was out of your hands, and you made the best out of a stressful
  8. Washington guys were terrific. Zurich controllers were sublime. No issues enroute. However, I too gave up on position reports during the Atlantic portion... which isn’t anything new, so I’m not even disappointed. I fully expected it. Can’t blame the controllers... the oceanic guys do a great job considering what they have to work with.
  9. Why would anyone delete an apology? I’ve been following this post, and I don’t recall you ever apologizing...
  10. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe all arrivals in Europe are ATC [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned, and not normally included in the flightplan...? None the less, I took a quick peek at the LIPGO arrivals into EIDW. From that alone, I think you are forgetting to read the notes on the side. Each arrival is runway dependant, and which one you fly will depend on the landing runway in use with the exception on 1R and 1Z which are both for runway 10. I’m not a controller there, nor am I familiar with their procedures, but my GUESS would be each has their own purpose based on traffic density f
  11. I personally don’t, but I can see why it might be helpful if you’re controlling an area that has multiple major airports around it... New York and London comes to mind.
  12. Doable for a TRACON sector (i.e. New York Approach sectors often state which airports they're covering). But how would this be done for a Center sector? "I control FL240 and above from [insert lat/long] to [insert lat/long] " Use an airport within their sector? Or a VOR perhaps? Or specify a STAR/SID that they are responsible for? An altitude range if applicable? Or even something simple such as “Everything North of KPHX and west of KABQ.” At least Pilots have something to go off, and can begin the process of elimination at best.
  13. Controllers should really include the area(s) that they cover in their “Controller Info” area if it’s not already obvious in the call sign itself. It’d save a lot guessing.
  14. VATIS is shooting out METARs that are days old for me. I tried KPHX and KABQ, both with the last METAR issue at 091351. Anyone else?
  15. Along with changing the transponder to TA/RA, You also have to change the top left switch to AUTO or ON, and also turn on Altitude Reporting 2 switches underneath it
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