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  1. We’ve tried Joe. Ryan has tried. Benjamin does not have the time, neither Jeffery, Victor Gomez, Dennis and the list continue. Perhaps you don’t know this since you are not coming online too often, but to answer postings... ...Alan Hensley know the following is true; I took the training; I went during an hour with Wyatt Ranking about the Departure position, that was two months ago; I then went with Matt Healy for approach almost for two hours if my mind is correct; then when I was ready to be certified for approach, Matt went down to Alan office on TS and when he came back he tol
  2. Lies??? What kind of leader you are that you call lies the fact that I have told you and Alan at least twice and asked why we can’t continue controlling on off-event-periods, several times? Probably you are short minded. Did I make posting requesting the above on the ATL forum? Nope, probably you erased them as you did with many of my threads. If I am telling lies then why all this people (including controllers of Atlanta) are coming here and you are coming too to wash your face in front of the forum? It’s not true and a fact that only 10 guys are certified and only one
  3. Yes and they get payments, we don’t; this is to have fun, not to put the Berlin Wall at the front of the members and make things harder; what fun is that to old members?
  4. Story of my experience... couldn't have said it better WW... thank you. Also, grandfathering in policy flat-out doesn't work on VATSIM (I learned that the hard way as well). As far as the comments go towards it not being realistic to decertify people in the FAA... well, where in the FAA do you have m[Mod - Happy Thoughts] groups of controllers stepping out and complaining (as on these very forums) about new policy being implemented? They suck it up and deal with it because everyone knows what happened back in 1981... As much as I may disagree with half of what the FAA does, still... lets p
  5. Ricardo Do you have the names of those Center and Approach controllers that retained their certifications as you call? I am not talking about those 10 that got recerted on a fast track even before Alan (the new TA) came in, I mean the others old members. from above: >>>I find various things stated here to be false. For example, the fact that Ryan said that ALL the controllers lost their solo certificationss and were denied the privilage to control. I personally never lost any solo certifications when it came time to recertity controllers. <<< Of course you didnâ
  6. Not only that, but even old controllers like Jeffery William and Dennis Whitley (previous two former ATMs there) are rejected to control unless they recertify on Approach and Center. It is very hard perhaps frustrating to somebody like Jeffery and Dennis going back to train in a place where they know as their palm hand, simply because the new ATM is a real world controller and he wants everybody to stick to what he think is the better for Atlanta. My opinion is the he think that this is the real thing and not a place to have fun. This new staff is guided by Joe Caban (behind scenes)
  7. The following two questions are honest and are made just to receive objective inputs. >> So I beg, please, no personal comments and limit your answer to few lines. << From the pilot perspective what would be your choice about an ARTCC? a) You prefer ATC online all the time with some quality b) You prefer less ATC online as long as they have an extremely good quality c) You prefer ATC online with quality, but you prefer less quality but at least somebody online for your flights d) You prefer ATC online no matter the quality (meaning that if the controller is th
  8. He he... I was kidding! Congratulations my friend!
  9. Sorry, I was writting too fast and I confused myself... yes it Jesus! Not JesusChrist
  10. ¿Puede alguien explicar qué pasa con José? ¿Se retira del entorno virtual? Does anybody can explain what is happening with Jose? He is quitting the virtual environment? ariel
  11. I like to share this anecdote… About five months ago I had this experience. I was working Atlanta center, a traffic departed for Heathrow-London and when he was p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing Macon Regional Airport, he declared an emergency for an engine lost. I asked the pilot if he wanted to return to the airport and he said, yes but I need to waste fuel first, Can I hold at Macon? I told him “Roger, hold at Macon and let me know when you are ready to returnâ€
  12. I am not sure what is happening and why the flame out, not sure if it was because Dennis wrote something awful, but please, please, can we go back to the topic? Still not sure if the steps I expressed above are correct or not. ariel PS. Please no intention to defend anybody, my intention is to learn the way an emergency should be taken care.
  13. Good Point, I agree with you! ... but what is ARFF? Sorry for my ignorance!
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