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  1. Yes I do. The new SID and rwy is added just like it should be, and like you are describing it, in the FP (F6).
  2. Umm, not sure I understood your question correctly Gergely but after det first point in the FP there is an airway like UN609... Not sure if this was what you ment though
  3. Recently I have been unable to change the SID in the Departure list window. When I i.e try to click on the auto-[Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned SID a dropdown menu appears with a lot of other SIDs then I click on another SID to change to this one but there is no change in the Departure list, the old auto-[Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned SID is still there. Any help here?
  4. In the ESE-file under the [airspace] definition you have to add the following lines: "DEPAPT:" and "ARRAPT:" in two seperate lines followed by the ICAO codes of the airports you want to have control over. Here's an example from my ESE-file (the lines described above is highlighted) SECTOR:ENBDSCTR:0:60000 OWNER:BS:NE DEPAPT:ENRM:ENNM:ENOL:ENVA:ENRO:ENKB:ENML:ENAL:ENOV ARRAPT:ENRM:ENNM:ENOL:ENVA:ENRO:ENKB:ENML:ENAL:ENOV BORDER:ENBDS_E:ENBDS_N:ENBDS_W:ENSV_NE:ENOS_NC
  5. It obviously did make a difference:) I downloaded the latest FSNAV file and now it works just fine Dunno why it didn't work with the old file though, but who cares. Thanks for your help guys, consider this one as solved
  6. Scroll a bit longer down on the VACCSCA download page, there you see a newer file called "Norway Ver. 1.2" or something... I use a modified version of this sectorfile. The sectorfile you looked at is an old one and it is out dated
  7. That sounds reasonable, GM396 is 6.6nm from ENGM. If this is the case, is it possible to fix it?
  8. All my GM points are in the sct file under the prefix [fixes] among with all my other fixes.
  9. ok, thanks for your replies, here is what I have found out: When I remove GM396 everything is fine (except from the fact that the GM396 navaid is not in the STAR). The aircraft on a TOR5M arrival now proceeds directly from KORAX to TOMRA, as it should when I remove GM396. But now I want to know why GM396 (, GM395 and GM397 and every other GMXXX navaid) is causing a problem? The navaid GM396 is not important in the TOR5M arrival, as you can see of the pic, but in other STARs the GMXXX navaid is vital.
  10. No you misunderstood me, or maybe I described the problem badly... The aircrafts are not skipping the last navaid in the STAR, they head after GM396 straight to TOMRA just as they should, but ES, for some strange reason, thinks that the aircrafts are supposed to skip the last navaid. Here's a screenshot of an aircraft (not shown on the scope) that is to follow the TOR5M which is written like this in the ESE: STAR:ENGM:19R:TOR5M:TOR KORAX GM396 TOMRA As you can see ES want the plane to go dct from GM396 to ENGM (the airport), but it is actually supposed to go to TOMRA acording to the
  11. This is written, among many other SID/STARS, in my ESE-file: STAR:ENGM:19R:SUMAK5M:SUMAK BEBIS GM397 GM396 TOMRA The problem is that the aircrafts who is [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned the SUMAK5M arrival for rwy19R seems to skip the last point of the STAR namely TOMRA. This have happened every time an aircraft is on the SUMAK5M arrival. In the FP on ES there is no sign of the fix TOMRA. The STAR route goes directly from GM396 (the second last navaid in the STAR) to the airport (ENGM). I have checked my sectorfile and it does contain the fix TOMRA. Also this have happened with another STAR a
  12. Thank you, it works now I was looking for that "enable simulated traffic"-button but couldnt seem to find it
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