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  1. Had a little experience with icing on one of my Mitre test flights. Chicago weather is nothing like Socal. One of the Mitre rules is "No emergencies," and I can't imagine asking for higher or lower for two reasons: The frequencies are going to be swamped, and they've empasized the importance of the flight profile uber alles. So if I do get icing on a Mitre flight, I will deal with it by cheating it away. On this last Mitre test flight, I got icing too bad for the plane's deicing equipment to deal with. That surprised me. My quickie test above suggested that wasn't possible. It is. O
  2. Based on a super-quick test in both X-Plane 8.64 and 9 beta 13, X-plane models: pitot icing AOA vane icing prop icing engine inlet icing window icing frame/wing icing The only icing that appears to be visible in the quick tests that I ran is window icing. However, if one is accomeulating, they are all accomeulating, so if you see window icing, you may [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume the presence of all of the other forms of icing. Deicing is close to instantaneous. There appears to be no differentiation between anti-ice and deice: All icing remedies in x-plane act as deice.
  3. I want to hate it. I mean, who spends their time outside the airplane looking in? Who cares about flexing wings? Eye candy, right? But dang. It's neat. It's really neat. The more I watched, the more I got drawn into it. It's very convincing. Thanks for the video!
  4. With beta 12, they've got a winner. I ran this thing online all day yesterday without a single crash. xsquawkbox and Sandy's track-IR plugin: all ran just fabulously. Also with several "old" ( v8 ) add-on planes. Had a blast. v9 isn't crash-o-matic for me anymore, so hopefully it'll be just as good for you, too. Give it a try online. Good luck!
  5. Beautiful! Would an AVI format of the movies make sense? Those are pretty fat. Seeing the a/a loadout you've got there, I'm surprised the let a maniac like you loose with hot loads. Then again, it's a wonder you didn't get rid of them just to get another 10 knots worth of suicidal speed.
  6. Nov 22nd, .org, Dec 8th, Arizona, delivered by stagecoach
  7. Jefferson, It's interesting that you are now having this problem. I haven't had it for months. It went away for the same reason it appeared--for no apparent reason at all. Unfortunately, there's no other game in town. You can't run the squawkbox-for-MSFS with X-Plane. I also run behind a cable router with a static IP, although not with the awesome computing power you've got there. Nice setup.
  8. This is original X-Plane 8.5+ scenery for Oceanside Municipal (KOKB). Oceanside is an uncontrolled general aviation field in Southern California. Includes all hangers and buildings, custom runway markings, fueling pad, chain-link fence, segmented circle, original wind-sock, a complete AWOS station, and more parking spaces than you can shake a stick at. Licensed for use under a Creative Commons license. Download from x-plane.org
  9. Ditto. One fellow who ordered from .org the day it was announced got his yesterday. I'm hoping my mailbox will have some DVDs today.
  10. This is original X-Plane 8.64 scenery for Compton/Woodley (KCPM). Compton is an uncontrolled general aviation field in the shadow of LA International. Includes all hangers and buildings, fueling pad, block and chain-link fences, segmented circle, original wind-sock and animated wind-T. Licensed for use under a Creative Commons license. Download from xplane.org
  11. Agua Caliente is home to a single airplane and a whopping 54 operations a month. Its 2500 foot strip boasts non-standard markings, no taxiways, no lighting, is not level, and has hills in close proximity. Enjoy! This original scenery for X-Plane 8.64 is released under a Creative Commons license. It contains an original, high-resolution wind sock and hand-crafted runway markings. Download from xplane.org
  12. There's no meaning to jumping "straight" from 8.64 to 9. Some companies prefer to put their beta code in the current series of numbering, some in the next. It's just numbering and doesn't mean anything.
  13. Downloading the demo now. I'm going to order the DVDs when the x-plane.org store has them, so that x-plane.org gets a cut to help them keep running.
  14. You forgot to mention that real-life is blurry, too. I told ya this would happen if you didn't lay off the Jack and Coke, bud.
  15. This is a Unix programmer joke. When a Unix program causes another process to run, it "spawns a child." A daemon process is one unattached to its parent or to a terminal (a "background process," in Windows terms). "Interrupt" and "Kill" are signals one can send a Unix process. Yes, programmers talk funny.
  16. X-Plane 8.6 graphics are good enough to fly VFR using a regular sectional chart. They look pretty good. The terrain mesh is about the equivalent of the FS-Genesis mesh for FS9. The land use data, roads, rivers, and shorelines are pretty close to what Ultimate Terrain has for FS. It's only 60 GB if you install the whole world. If you install just the US, it's around 13 GB, I think. Forget version 7. Download the demo for version 8.6 and give it a go.
  17. Xplane is now in version 8. I cannot tell you if x-plane will run on your computer. As a rule of thumb, if FS will run well, so will X-Plane. I suspect that the people who enjoy x-plane best are those with some small amount of patience.
  18. I didn't notice it was the same fellow. I think FS9 is probably best for now. Save X-Plane for when pretty is no longer enough.
  19. Harold, ActiveSky X-Plane Unsynchronized weather updates Weather that updates only once an hour etc.
  20. Jim, To make sure this isn't an unreadable DVD: Are you able to copy the DVD to some temporary location on your hard drive?
  21. I went to add the digital Kollsman readout to the Warrior; only then did I notice it was already there. Either Jason put it there, or Keith (I'm using Keith's modified panel). Thanks, someone. Other changes I'm going to make: Move the TAC left so it's not obscured by the yoke, switch to radios with standby frequencies, and add an EGT gauge. I flew the Warrior with TrackIR on the gauges for the first time today. The sound spanking that the Warrior has been giving me in the traffic pattern was not repeated en route. It's a wonderfully stable IFR platform when compared to the Piper Tri-P
  22. Ian, There are so many choices, I don't even know where to begin. Building your own, I think you're going to want a microcontroller to interface with all of the switches, knobs, dials. It'll be either one your program, or one you buy already programmed and built to generically interface with digital and analog i/o. You get to decide whether to have RS-232 or USB for your computer to talk to the microcontrollre. Why RS-232? Because the cheapest breadboardable microcontrollers come with built-in RS-232 drivers. They don't come with USB drivers. The microcontrollers I've seen that do US
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